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Integrity.. tarnished, but there.

There is a reason I don’t ever want to be a “professional” post-op.

I don’t want to have to sacrifice my integrity in order to further my career.

We BBG’s – we all have our character traits:

  • Beth is honest to a fault. In many cases, she is so honest, people hate her for it. They hate the fact that she knows so much, is willing to be so open about her own life, and feels others should be as well.
  • Kaitlin is the best support a girl could hope for. You have Kaitlin on your side and you gain a wealth of knowledge as deep and wide as the day is long. There is a reason she is my number one confidant, and my best friend.
  • Michelle is loyal to her friends and family, and will defend them with her last breath  even without being asked of it. She also believes everyone else should do the same and is betrayed by those who feel differently.
  • And me? I feel everyone should have the same level of integrity that I do.. which is fairly high admittedly. I hold myself accountable for a great deal and feel everyone elses’ moral compass should be the same direction as mine. I’ll defend my friends and family because it’s the right thing to do, but I’ll also tell them when I think they are wrong because I use my intellect.

With the book, I’ve been told I should be more “flexible” with my integrity. Not those words, exactly, but along those lines. Ironically, the day after one of these discussions, the bracelet I kept my “Integrity” charm broke after wearing for quite some time. I then placed it on the bracelet you see above, but don’t wear every day.

That will change tomorrow. It will go back to where it belongs. Those in Vegas will be able to attest to that next week.

I don’t ever want my integrity to be “flexible” in order to make a dime off our community.. or anyone else. I want to be who I am — blue fingernails and toe shoes. I am friends with the BBGC and I believe in the mission behind it 100%. I don’t have the time, nor the energy to sit on a fence, play with one side for part of the time, then jump to the other side. Sitting on the fence will only give you splinters and I ain’t got time for that shit. I’m busy, and, oh, I’m an adult.

There is a difference in being apart from the community to maintain a “Professional” air and trying to be a part of all parts of it, while playing all sides against one another. It simply does not work.

So please don’t ever think for a moment I’m becoming a “fence-sitter” or a “Professional” – I have opinions, and I know how to share them.

If that’s how one “gets ahead” in the community, or in business? I’d rather have no part of it.



Now I’ve taken the side of a beautiful calm
Can you see this disguise fading a resolve?
And there it goes, my innocence,
While gathering up a compliment,
And here I lie with words to swear,
There’s something more than the world out there.

Hesitation compounds, I’ve nothing left to sustain.
My worries here have allowed a momentary refrain.
And there it goes, my innocence,
While gatheirng up a compliment.
And here I lie with words to swear,
There’s something more than the world out there.

And there it goes, my innocence,
While gathering up a compliment.
And here I lie with words to swear,
There’s something more than the world out there.
And there it goes, my innocence,
I’m dying here, for a compliment.
And here I lie with words to swear,
There’s something more than the world out there.

Ed and Dean Roland


There’s something more than the world out there.. And for me, it’s my integrity.

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13 Responses to “Fences”

  1. Michelle Hudson says:

    I have to say, you are one of the people I am so looking forward to meeting in Vegas. You have the integrity by the boatload, no one should say different.

  2. Jen Stockinger says:

    Bravo! I am so happy and proud to know you and call you my friend. I, along with many others, appreciate the fact that you are always YOU. That is so rare and refreshing these days, and never let anyone tell you any different. Your integrity makes you who you are, and we all love you for that.

  3. JaimeK says:

    Blue nails, five finger shoes and integrity…I enjoy the combination and the brain behind it all.

  4. Liz Grigat says:

    I love and appreciate your integrity. It is for sure one of the many things that make you…you. Thank you for standing up for what you believe in….as many seem to fall for anything. You are try someone I look up to…and proof to know.

  5. mm says:

    Andrea -

    Waving from the hated boat!

  6. mm says:

    How many posts have I written like this in the last two years? Have you?

  7. Ann Balambao says:

    My DH is a very stand offish guy and does not express opinions about many people. That being said he has expressed a very good opinion of you based on meeting you once. He is never wrong about these things. Not that he is never wrong but about people he is never wrong. Of course I know you better than he does and I know for a fact that you are straight up and to the point about everything I have ever heard you say. I wouldn’t want anyone I consider a friend to be any other way Andrea. I value who you are and am glad you are putting that integrity necklace back on. In the end this is what makes you successful. Don’t back down.

  8. Dagny says:

    I’m confused. I’m thinking there’s all kinds of inside politics between particular people and groups that I don’t know about. I am neither a Shark nor a Jet. I’m not lookin’ for a rumble.

  9. Krys says:

    <3 Thanks Andrea

  10. mm says:

    Dagny – Yeah.

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