ASMBS 2011 – Plans?

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ASMBS is June 12th-17th in Orlando and I’ve picked two classes I’m hoping to get into -

Integrated Health Postgraduate Course – $265
Nutrition and Bariatric Surgery

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Course Director: Margaret Furtado, MS, RD, LDN

Course Overview and Target Audience:
This half-day course will examine the nutritional implications of various bariatric surgical procedures and condition. Experts in the field will provide cutting-edge, evidence-based nutritional guidelines that can be applied to patient care. This course is designed for registered dietitians, nurses, nurse practitioner, and other clinical personnel involved with the clinical care of the surgical weight loss patient. This course is recommended for professionals who have mastered the concepts presented in the Essentials for Bariatric Surgery course.

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Identify potential preoperative micronutrients, as well as macronutrient concerns
  • Recognize potential nutrition challenges with particular bariatric surgery procedures, and recall strategies for how to potentially manage them
  • Formulate methods of assessing protein supplements and protein status of bariatric patients
  • Identify and recall areas of nutritional research that need to be elucidated
  • Cite the latest research on vitamin B12 and probiotics
  • Define guidelines for management of nutritional deficiencies and/or complications after bariatric surgery
  • Record how you might manage micronutrient deficiencies after surgery via a case-based approach

Welcome and Introduction – Margaret Furtado, MS, RD, LDN
Preoperative Macro/Micro-Nutrient Concerns – Sheryl Williams, RD
Gastric Band Challenges and Strategies - Julie Parrott, MS, RD
Managing the Gastric Sleeve – Liz Goldenberg, MPH, RD
PDCAAS 1001: Evaluating Protein Supplements – Mary Litchford, PhD, RD
Panel Discussion w/ Q&A
Refreshment Break
Research Needs in Bariatric Nutrition – Cynthia Buffington, PhD
Vitamin B12 and Probiotics Research Update – Jayashree Todkar, MS, DLS
Practical Tips for Using Probiotics – Margaret Furtado, MS, RD, LDN
Data Gathering and Detective Work of the Dietitian: A Case-Based Approach to Micronutrient Deficiencies after Bariatric Surgery – Laura Frank, RD, CD, MPH
Panel Discussion w/ Q&A


Integrated Health Main Session – $340
Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Course Objectives:

  • Define common practice challenges, and network with colleagues to develop solutions
  • Examine evidence-based considerations for clinical pathways in the revisional patient
  • Assess the impact of obesity on male infertility
  • Identify characteristic of bariatric surgery patients who are at a greater risk for lost followup
  • Recognize selected postoperative complications in bariatric surgery patients
  • Cite information on the most current information as it relates to metabolic and bariatric surgery

Course Outline:

Session 1
Moderators: Ronald Evans, PhD

Welcome and Introduction – Maureen Quigley, APRN
Clinical and Instrumental Evaluation of Pelvic Floor Disorders Before and After Bariatric Surgery in Obese Women - Dajana Cuicchi, MD; Raffaele Lombardi; Luca Leuratti; Stefano Cariano
Urolithiasis Risk Factors in the Bariatric Population Undergoing Gastric Bypass Surgery – Jennifer N,. Wu, MD; Jacqueline Craig; Karim Chamie; Jorge Z. Getty; John Asplin; Michele Castillo; William Smith; Eric A. Kurzrock; Mohamed Ali; Roger K. Law
Obstetrical and Perinatal Outcomes of Pregnancy Following Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass – Maria F. Rebollar; Maureen Mosti; Maria Eugenia Chapa; Hugo Sanchez; Lizbeth Gonzalez; Sonia L. Cordero; Nicolas Mier Y Teran; Miguel Herrera
Session 2
Moderators: Karen Flanders, APRN

Changes In Physical Function of Morbidly Obese Older Adults After Bariatric Surgery – Nestor de la Cruz-Munoz, MD, FASMBS; Ferdinando A. Andrande; Lisset Oropesa; Fanny Gallant; Willy Valencia; Hermes Florez
A Combined Group And Individual Model For Post-Bariatric Surgery Follow-Up Care – Paul A. Lorentz, MS, RN, RD; Maria L. Collanzo-Clavell; Margaret Gall; James M. Swain
Change in Physical Activity One Year Post-Surgery In The Longitudinal Assessment of Bariatric Surgery-2 (Labs-2) – Wendy C. King, PhD; Jesse Y. Hsu; Anita P. Courcoulas; Geourge M. Eid; David R. Flum; James E. Mitchell; John R. Pender; Mark D. Smith; Kristine J. Steffen; Bruce M. Wolfe; Steven H. Belle
Impact Of Number Of Visits In The First Year On Excess Weight Loss and Complications After Laparoscopic Gastric Banding – Marina Kurian, MD, FASMBS, Heekoung Youn; Bradley Schwack; George Fieldling; Christine Ren-Fieldling
Session 3
Moderators: Shannon Jansma, PA-C

Psychological Predictors of Weight Loss Success Following Roux-En Y Gastric Bypass - Hazem Shamseddeen, MD: Jorge L. Zelada Getty; Isam Hamdallah; Mohamed Ali, MD
An Online Bariatric Information Session Is As Effective As An In-Person Information Session – Lisa Eaton, MS; Christine Walsh, RN, MBA; Thomas Magnuson, MD; Michael Schweitzer, MD; Anne Lidor, MD, MPH; Hien Nguyen, MD; Kimberly Steele, MD
Thank-You For My New Life: The Bariatric Post-Op Experience – Angela F. Wood, RN, NNP-BC, PhD, ; Steven G. Boyce, Jama F. Stinnett, LTN, CPHQ
In Section Presidential Address - Laura Boyer, RN, CBN
Invited Guest Speaker – Allan Zuckoff, PhD
Workshops – Pick 2

  • Medication and Nutrition Issues after Bariatric Surgery – Wayne English, MD
  • Creative Ideas for Patient Retention – Rachel Dickerson, NP-BC, CBN
  • Get Moving – Exercise Programs for Patients with Limitations – Yuri Feito, PhD, MPH
  • How to Talk so Your Bariatric Patients will Listen and Listen so They Will Talk – Katie Jay, MSW
  • Nutritional Case Studies: PICA, Renal and Sports Nutrition – Erica Phelps, RD
  • Identifying and Treating Eating Disorders Post-Weight Loss Surgery – Nicole Franklin, PsyD

Professional Networking

  • Exercise/Physical Fitness – Ronald Evans, PhD
  • Advanced Practice Nursing/Physician Assistant – Karen Flanders, APRN, Maureen Quigley, APRN
  • Nursing – Sue Bunnell, RN
  • Nutrition – Sheryl Williams, RD
  • Practice Management – Anita Houle
  • Behavioral Health – Stephen Ritz, PhD


So what do y’all think? Both classes good? Bad? Glad you don’t have to fork over the dough?


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