Bariatric Advantage has just released a new flavor of  calcium, and there is all sorts of buzz online about them.

I first got to try them in Las Vegas at the WLSFA event. At the time, I thought they were okay, but certainly not wonderful. However, I didn’t have enough of a sample to do a full review. Ed over at BA was kind enough to send me a bag, along with my favorite (lemon!!) and I was given more of a chance to do a full review.

BA says:

Our Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites deliver 250 mg of elemental calcium as calcium citrate in a delicious chew. They also contain 125 IU of vitamin D3 for healthy absorption. These chews are sugar-free as well, so you don’€™t have to worry about getting extra carbs while you get the calcium you need. Each chew is individually wrapped so you can take them with you wherever you go.


Packaged just like the other chewy bites, the caramel looks and feels just like the others.

It should be stated that I’m not a heavy caramel fan from the outset. So my initial reaction was “Well, it’s caramel.. it’s fine.” And I wasn’t overly impressed.

But when the new bag got here, and I had longer to review them? I fell in love.. just like I have with all of the other flavors.

This tastes just like caramel.. even has a feeling of “ooey-gooey-ness” that one gets with some of the caramel candies on the market. But not so much of the “stuck in the teeth” feeling. Just a nice, warm, smooth caramel taste. The calcium is very, very smooth and does not leave a grit in the mouth like the old chewy bites.. so if you’ve not given the chewy bites a try in a few years – please do.

In fact, the fact these are individually wrapped? Makes them a perfect “treat” for when you are looking for something sweet. And let’s face it – we all need that at times. Throw one in a bag or purse.. in a desk drawer. Whenever you need something to get your mind off a bag of candy or candybar — These are a healthier alternative, taste like candy AND have calcium in them. Perfect combination.


Nutritionally, these stack up just like the other chewy bites:

A 500mg dose contains 40 calories, 10 calories from fat, 10g carbs, with 8g of sugar alcohols, and 250 IU of vitamin D3. A bag contains 60 chews, so there are 30 500mg doses per bag. If someone taking 1500mgs of calcium a day were to use chewy bites exclusively, they would go through a bag in 10 days. However – it is a very tasty, and easy way to get your calcium in.

The folks at BA are committed to making high quality products for the bariatric community, and they’ve succeeded once again with the caramel chewy bites. Contact BA if you are interested in giving them a try as they really are a great product.

Available from Bariatric Advantage – 60 count bag runs $11.25

Disclosure – Bariatric Advantage supplied the bag of Caramel Chewy Bites for review purposes.

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7 Responses to “Bariatric Advantage Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites: Caramel”

  1. Karen Ogle says:

    Other than the taste advantage is there a real advantage to using chewy bites as opposed to calcium citrate tablets? I’m curious to know if I’m lacking something.

  2. mm says:

    Nom nom nom nom. We agree.

  3. Frances says:

    I’m curious on their chewability. I gave up on the lemon chewy bites a few months ago because the bags I received got progressively more and more difficult to chew. BA customer support’s response: “warm them up in the palm of your hand or in your pocket for a while first”. Umm.. no thanks.

  4. Andrea says:

    @Karen – no. Not really.
    @Frances – I didn’t have a problem with any of these.

  5. wafiyah says:

    do you know if the vitamin D3 is animal sourced,? or if the chewy bites have any animal content? lanolin is fine as is fish sources, thanks so much

  6. Andrea says:

    I’ll find out for you and let you know. Excellent question!

  7. Andrea says:

    @Wafiya -

    According to Dr. Jacques, the vitamin D3 is from lanolin. These are Kosher, and “circle u.”

    If you would like to see the certification, let me know and I can get it.

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