CorOmega: Review and Test

On June 4, 2011, in Reviews, Tests, by Andrea

For a long time, I’ve been recommending CorOmega somewhat blindly — based on recommendations from others and blood tests of other bypassers showing great results using the product, but without actually trying it.

While in Vegas, I had the opportunity to speak to the CorOmega rep, try all of the flavors (one of while is missing from the above photo — sorry!), and arrange a special blood testing for myself to kind of get an idea how these affect bypassers. More about that later.

Coromega says:

Welcome to Coromega!  We believe Omega-3 is essential to good health and that’s why we developed the first delicious Omega3 in a convenient, single-serve Squeeze. Coromega is not a pill!  Our Omega3 Squeeze is a tasty burst of goodness with 2 essential fatty acids, DHA and EPA, and a clinically proven 300% better absorption than regular softgels. Bioavailability Study. The best part? Coromega is a supplement that is actually delicious!

CorOmega is an emulsion versus a pill. This means it is a creamy-gel-like substance in a ketchup-like foil packet:


There isn’t much volume in each packet, so taking it is certainly not a problem.

I tried all of the flavors, along with Beth, Kaitlin, and Beata. Amazingly, all of us liked different flavors. I’m not going to say I disliked any of the flavors outright – but I liked the plain orange the absolute best. Some of the others had more of a “twang” to them.. but I was also tasting them slowly versus taking them in a quick swallow – so this is a vast difference. My point here is that if you are wanting to try CorOmega, and I think you should if you are looking for an Omega-3, then you should consider all of the flavors as different palettes obviously preferred different flavors.

Each packet contains 20 calories, not surprisingly all from fat. It has 2000mg of fish oil, 650mg of long chain omega3-fatty acids, 650mg of Epa, and 250mg of DHA. These are sweetened by stevia.

Now for the test aspect -

I have done a blood test to determine what my “normal” Omega-3 blood level is. This is something I did via mail-order and will get a report in the mail:

Look so excited

So as soon as I get these results, I’ll post them.

Then, after 90 days of CorOmega, I’ll do another blood test to see how my levels have changed.

And yes, of course, I will post those as well.

CorOmega runs $21.99 for a 30 count if buying directly from the company. However, it may be cheaper from other sources.

Disclosure: I received the test kits for free, and will receive a 90 count box of Orange for free to do the testing.



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  1. Tracey says:

    For those who malabsorb fat, like the DS’ers, they will often take 2-3 packets per day to get enough in their diet.

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