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I’m procrastinating the dreaded task of deciding what to wear on my first day to class (OMG!) so I thought I’d share a short bit of my travels while Beth is in the shower.

I left late on Saturday to come down to Florida so I could break the drive up (9 hours) into two days, but also to spend some time with Magnus on his birthday. June is a busy month for us.. Sunday the 5th we celebrated Sweden’s Flag Day (a day early) in Raleigh, I had to pack and get ready for this trip, Magnus’ birthday was the 11th, this trip is the 13th and 14th, I head home on the 15th, my daughter’s birthday (she’s 5! how is that possible?) is on Friday, then on Saturday morning the 18th, we head to Sweden for 3 weeks (so blogging may be.. interesting.. I’m being threatened with loss of a computer.. and lack of work.. we’ll see…)

Stayed in Savannah.. wasn’t a bad drive at all. Started back yesterday morning. Was fine until I got into Orlando and started to try and get Beth at the airport.

By about this time, my headache was starting to turn into a migraine. This didn’t help matters.

See, at the Welcome Center, I red that ALL of the toll booths in Florida had gone cashless, and I could either pay $2.50 extra for each toll (for which there are a ton of tolls in FL — including a ton to get to the airport), or you can get a SunPass and attach it to your car, pay with your credit card, and keep going.

Finding one? That was a trick.

30 minutes later? Migraine.

Trying to associate? Not so much. THEN finding it won’t work until today? After it not associating yesterday? EVEN BETTER. I threw it. Not kidding.

Guess what? Most of the tolls aren’t cashless. But they are expensive.

Picked up Beth. Eventually. Found a Target. Got groceries that won’t make us cry at hotel prices (water, diet Coke, etc.) and wandered to our hotel. Where we eventually met up with Rachel from Sleeve Pixie after her first day of class at ASMBS.

At this point, we were contacted by one of Beth’s sponsors, Mark from Gastric Bypass Supplements, and he asked if we’d like to go to dinner.. so we found our way out to a Longhorn Steakhouse.. where I had my first prime rib in probably a year. It was yummy. Mark and his wife are a great couple and it was a nice time.. thanks to them for a great evening out.

Coming back to the hotel, we find our beds are.. broken. Ironic. Will get pictures later.

Well. Procrastination time is over. Time to get ready.

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