ASMBS: The Immediate After

On June 15, 2011, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

Morning -

Again, I’m procrastinating while Beth showers. I should be packing…

I have to say this was quite the event for me being my first time down here – especially with the classes. I didn’t get much time with vendors, and I really might take a bit extra time with them this morning and leave later than I should (I haven’t decided even NOW) so I can see more since I’ve been so busy otherwise.

I’m leaving today from ASMBS and heading back to NC because I have to get back to pack for a 3-week trip in Sweden. Kaitlin (the daughter) has her 5th birthday (and she’s my first post-op baby, so now – wow?) on Friday so there’s cake baking.. and laundry, and packing, and fish food buying, and plans, and etc. to do for our 12:30 PM jaunt across the pond.

I have seen some great new products from Bariatric Advantage to discuss. I have one to show you from Celebrate with teasers for others from them as well..  and I just didn’t get that much more time around the MASSIVE expo room with my short schedule.

And of course the classes and the studies presented — they will be discussed, and analyzed, and thought out thoroughly in only the way you expect me to.. right?

So I’m off to pack, like a good girl.


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  1. Toni Lee says:

    Pack quickly please. We want you to get to as many vendors and try out as many things as possible so every minute counts. ;)
    Can’t wait to see what all you and Beth have learned. Hope you also had much fun. :D

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