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Hey all.

I’m working on packing. Sorta. Ish. In with the naps (I did get in at 3am..) to head out to Sweden so haven’t even begun to write up my thoughts on ASMBS. And I have to say that there’s a lot of stuff going on in my head in terms of behind-the-scenes things I’d never really thought about, plus the meshing of what the BBGC pushes for (advocacy) and how the two things could go together and what it could mean for the professional community if they were to really push for the advocacy like we do.. but I’ll get there, along with all my learnin’, product testin’, a contest to celebrate the reformulation of the Calcet Creamy Bites (OMG! the kids? can’t leave them alone.. I’m having to hide my bags because Daniel is filching.. thank goodness they are difficult to get into or they would be calcium overdosed!)

One thing you need to know about ASMBS is that they are a bit.. picky when it comes to pictures, video, etc.

You won’t see a ton of pictures from Beth when she gets back. Sorry, folks.

BUT. There is hope so you can catch a glimpse of the absolute splendor that made my jaw drop (seriously.. one of the displays was a plexiglass office thing built in the exhibit hall that had a 2nd story with office space that they were conducting meetings in — and it was freestanding, clear, and an amazing piece of architecture of its own right – beyond the fact that it looked damned impressively cool) by watching the BTV crew with some of their interviews as they got press credentials.

I’ll embed the first few vids, but be sure to keep checking back to them to catch all of their updates as they happen!


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