Getting back in the swing of things..

On July 25, 2011, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

Well, I’m back.

I have been for almost three weeks now, but things have been a bit busy.

Plus, coming off a 3-week vacation when one works from home makes it a bit harder to get back on track. Or. At least, it makes it harder for me to get back on track.

I’m also lazy, and a bit of a procrastinator. So what can I say?

So before I had my trip abroad, I had my first ASMBS conference.

To put into words in one post what I learned, what I saw, what I think? It would be impossible. I CAN say that I have a bit more insight as to the “behind-the-scenes” aspect of running a WLS practice from a cost-analysis basis thanks to a very blunt surgeon (who was not like any surgeon I had ever met! No God complex in sight! I <3 her!) from Colorado Springs, some vendors in the vendor hall, a session about “streamlining” patient sessions to minimize cost but maintain efficiency, and some very flashy literature and emails sent to me after the conference as I’m now on the “professional” email list of several companies.

Add in the sessions I went to, the new products, spending time with some of the vendors, meeting new vendors, the schmoozing events? It was a bit overwhelming if one were to analyze it in fine detail, but in short detail? It was probably a standard event.

After ASMBS, of course, I went to Sweden to spend three weeks with my inlaws. And of course, you know I spent some of that time scoping out the bariatric-friendly products available over there.

Attention companies – Go To Sweden. NOW.

It was sad. Utterly, impossibly sad. Vitamin selections were awful. Protein was dominated by one company unless you branched out to a “health store” and then there were a few other options. It was abhorrent. And given that I was told by several people (and there were 2 newspaper articles while I was there, I believe it) that bariatric surgery is on the rise in Sweden, the sheer lack of calcium citrate is frightening to me. Truly scary. Of course, you know I brought back samples.

So right now, I’m fighting with getting back in a semblance of “normalcy.” It’s hard.. much like starting on a diet or exercise program (which, by the way, I need to do that as well..). Especially when I work for myself. We came home to no air conditioning, a sick dog, sick aquariums, and small things that colluded to “put the blog off another day” — the same excuses we use every day to avoid going to the gym or starting a new diet. It’s the same thing — just in a different form.

I have grand plans. I have my notes from my sessions to go over. I have new products to share. I have my experiences with Swedish WLS industry to share. I just need to find my motivation.

Anyone have any to share?

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2 Responses to “Getting back in the swing of things..”

  1. Jules says:

    Nothing to share except to say that I’m happy your back & safe & sound. I really appreciate your posts and missed you!! I got a big smile on my face and my daughter was questioning me ” What’s so funny?”. That smile was when I saw your post..thank you!!

  2. Penney says:

    Yaaaaay, Pippi’s back! I can’t wait to see the reviews of Swedish products. Maybe you can sell Lab Trackers over there, too! New market!! xoxo

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