On November 14, 2012, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

Failure is a part of life. The most important part. It’s the part that teaches us things, and it’s the part that hurts. – In Plain Sight

There are several reasons someone decides to start a blog. Generally speaking, they may be for personal edification, to help others with information that might be helpful, for notoriety and fame, or for many other reasons.

Keeping a blog going for any length of time, regardless of the original purpose of said blog, is not necessarily the easiest thing. For one thing, coming up with something interesting or of note to post can be a challenge at times. Putting one’s thoughts and feelings, as well as struggles and triumphs can also paint a large target onto one’s back. And let’s face it — many of us simply do not want have the time to come up with witticisms to share with people who may or may not read and appreciate them, or wish to deal with a bullseye painted right between our shoulder blades.

So here I have sat for awhile with a number of things in my life. But the most recent, and now the most pressing upon my emotions is the Wine and Dine half-marathon that was held at Disney this past weekend. The one that I’d been “training” for since January. And the one that I did not get to complete despite the medal you see in the picture above.

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