Quest Bars – Pending Lawsuit

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Thanks to Dr. J. for the heads-up on this:

Like the Quest Bars? Many people do while others get sick off them with no good reason why. Now, we might have a reason.

A class action lawsuit was filed in California against GNC and Quest Nutrition, LLC, alleging that the advertising and nutritional facts for the bars are incorrect compared to the product on the inside of the package.

Screen shots from here:


quest1 quest2


PDFs of complaint and GNCs response can be found here.

Reminds me of Hank’s Protein and the UpCal-D fiascoes of years past…

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9 Responses to “Quest Bars – Pending Lawsuit”

  1. Mz. Puppie says:

    Thank you for this! I’ve been relying on Quest bars, now I’ll look for something different.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Quest has been named in a lawsuit regarding the amount of fiber in our bars. We are fighting this case to make it clear to our customers and partners that our label information is 100% accurate. Anyone can claim anything they want in a lawsuit. They don’t even have to provide proof. Proving it, however, requires science, and the science is on our side – If there’s anything else we can do, call us anytime at 1-888-212-0601.

  3. Also, here’s a very insightful post from our president that addresses the situation –

  4. Hala says:

    They made me sick. My BS went up and I dealt with severe RH..

  5. Rich says:

    so is quest bars good or bad. quest is saying good dh is saying bad. until proven I’ll simply stay away. better bars out there and remember to treat any type of bars like candy bars.

  6. Yikes! I had never tried Quest bars but last week at my support group meeting people were talking about them and one gal had brought one. So I went to Amazon and ordered 2 boxes based on reviews I read there. Since starting to eat them I am having some problems with food cravings that I had not been experiencing previously. I am only 5 months post-op and have been doing great til this week. I can’t help but wonder if there is a connection???

  7. leah says:

    I’ve used Quest Bars routinely throughout my fitness and athletic career. They taste awesome, have great macros, and are filling. Never had any kind of issue (other than ‘I’m out of Quest Bars, when can I get more?’) with them, and will continue buying them in the future — they’re excellent.

  8. MacMadame says:

    I’ve tried a lot of bars in my 5 years since WLS. I hated most of them because you can taste the whey protein. Quest bars are no exception. I think they taste like monkey’s ass. Though the banana nut muffin ones taste like the monkey ate a banana first.

    However, I found just two bars tend to “trigger” me. That is, when I eat them, I can’t stop with just one and I find myself craving other sweets and sometimes even having an RH reaction to them. Quest bars are one and Luna Protein are the other. Luna Protein have a TON of sugar. Quest bars supposedly don’t. Well, tell that to my pancreas. LOL

    However, the fiber used in them definitely can break down into a sugar and I do believe that, for some people, they do trigger an insulin reaction just like sugar does. That seems to be what is happening with me because otherwise, I don’t think I’d be having this reaction.

    Also, the Quest “active carbs” claims are just nonsense. Based on the calorie content of the label, these bars have twice as many calories coming from carbohydrates as you’d think based on the “active” carbs claim. I hate it when companies make bogus claims like this and this tends to make me not want to give them my money even if it turns out that this lawsuit has no merit.

  9. Chaille says:

    Quest bars are the best tasting gluten free I have tried. Why is GNC named in the lawsuit? They DO NOT make the bars. If this is proven to be a phoney lawsuit, then I hope Quest and GNC suit the filers for defamation.

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