On October 19, 2015, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

Now that I’ve been here, I’m going to be making a few changes.

If this were old days, I’d find a cute “Under Construction” picture and put that up. But I’m tired after doing homework for about 6 hours straight so.. no.

Just know that it’s coming. I hope.

..It’s been awhile

On October 19, 2015, in Vitamins, Water Solubles, by Andrea

I looked. My last post on here (here, not FB) was way back in 2014 about Quest bars.

A lot has happened.

Not only have I gone back to school full-time, but I’ve been at it for two years and am at the 4yr university deep into my degree (no more basketweaving courses for me..) That means I get to spend my time on organic chem, nutritional assessment, and nutrition science these days. Next semester will be more.. fun. Or something.

I also changed my career path. Sorta. But it’s all good. It’s still bariatric, and nutrition. Ish.

I logged in because I finished a study guide I put together for one of the chapters I just finished for nutrition science about the water solubles and thought I’d upload it. Sorry for any abbreviations, but honestly, it is *my* study guide.

If anyone actually reads this, wants to know more about what’s in this, or wants to see the notes that I took from the chapters.. or what I get from lecture.. or whatever.. let me know.

I’ll be honest, though.. FB is where you can find me most often.