Picture taken by Rachel Lebowitz

About the Vitagarten

The WLS Vitagarten was born of sheer desperation due to the extreme lack of nutritional care for the Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) community.  While this is not designed to be a replacement for competent medical care, it is to be a resource for WLS patients to learn about their unique nutritional needs, help them become proactive in their own health, and to learn a bit more about surviving with designer guts of all shapes and sizes.

Nothing written here should be taken as medical advice.  As always, speak to your doctor or nutritionist for any medical care — but use your brain.. that’s why you have it.  Trusting yourself above all others is the best thing you can do for your health.

About Andrea

Andrea is an RNY post-op of 6 1/2 years, having surgery in August of 2004, having had surgery at the tender age of 25.

The road has brought about two post-op pregnancies, reactive hypoglycemia, severe nutritional deficiencies due to poor nutritional advice (Flintstones, Tums, and Optisource… evil..), neurocardiogenic shock, ulcers, medication malabsorption issues, and a strange “spasm” thing that has no real name.

Andrea is blunt, tells things as she sees them, and has a general distaste for politics.  In many cases, this has gotten her in trouble as she “doesn’t play well with others” and readily admits this fault – but does not apologize for it.

Vitagarten is run from Andrea’s home, mostly, with much time also spent on the iPhone reading and replying to emails, texts, and calls about labs.  She also attends various conferences through the year, attempting to gain more information, share it as much as possible with those who wish it, and writes when the time allows.  She can generally be found by looking for the strange “toed” shoes as is her trademark at these events.


  • Houston Obesity Help Conference – November 2010
  • Cincinnati Obesity Help Conference – August 2010
  • Costa Mesa Obesity Help Conference – May 2010
  • FitBloggin10 – March 2010
  • Atlanta Obesity Help Conference – November 2009

Books and Articles

  • WLS Vitagarten Lab Tracker – November 2010
  • Obesity Help E-Magazine – January 2010