Bariatric Fusion Releases “Study”

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My first post from across the pond in Sweden, but I’m here.

The folks over at Bariatric Fusion released a “study” on their own patients regaling the efficacy of their product.

The reason I hesitate to call this a “study” is for a few reasons -

  • It is not peer-reviewed;
  • It only concerns the one year after surgery – most deficiencies hit further out;
  • It only contains 100 patients;
  • It does not compare patients using a different vitamin regimen.

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On June 17, 2011, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

Hey all.

I’m working on packing. Sorta. Ish. In with the naps (I did get in at 3am..) to head out to Sweden so haven’t even begun to write up my thoughts on ASMBS. And I have to say that there’s a lot of stuff going on in my head in terms of behind-the-scenes things I’d never really thought about, plus the meshing of what the BBGC pushes for (advocacy) and how the two things could go together and what it could mean for the professional community if they were to really push for the advocacy like we do.. but I’ll get there, along with all my learnin’, product testin’, a contest to celebrate the reformulation of the Calcet Creamy Bites (OMG! the kids? can’t leave them alone.. I’m having to hide my bags because Daniel is filching.. thank goodness they are difficult to get into or they would be calcium overdosed!)

One thing you need to know about ASMBS is that they are a bit.. picky when it comes to pictures, video, etc.

You won’t see a ton of pictures from Beth when she gets back. Sorry, folks.

BUT. There is hope so you can catch a glimpse of the absolute splendor that made my jaw drop (seriously.. one of the displays was a plexiglass office thing built in the exhibit hall that had a 2nd story with office space that they were conducting meetings in — and it was freestanding, clear, and an amazing piece of architecture of its own right – beyond the fact that it looked damned impressively cool) by watching the BTV crew with some of their interviews as they got press credentials.

I’ll embed the first few vids, but be sure to keep checking back to them to catch all of their updates as they happen!

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ASMBS: The Immediate After

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Morning -

Again, I’m procrastinating while Beth showers. I should be packing…

I have to say this was quite the event for me being my first time down here – especially with the classes. I didn’t get much time with vendors, and I really might take a bit extra time with them this morning and leave later than I should (I haven’t decided even NOW) so I can see more since I’ve been so busy otherwise.

I’m leaving today from ASMBS and heading back to NC because I have to get back to pack for a 3-week trip in Sweden. Kaitlin (the daughter) has her 5th birthday (and she’s my first post-op baby, so now – wow?) on Friday so there’s cake baking.. and laundry, and packing, and fish food buying, and plans, and etc. to do for our 12:30 PM jaunt across the pond.

I have seen some great new products from Bariatric Advantage to discuss. I have one to show you from Celebrate with teasers for others from them as well..  and I just didn’t get that much more time around the MASSIVE expo room with my short schedule.

And of course the classes and the studies presented — they will be discussed, and analyzed, and thought out thoroughly in only the way you expect me to.. right?

So I’m off to pack, like a good girl.


ASMBS – PreConference

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I’m procrastinating the dreaded task of deciding what to wear on my first day to class (OMG!) so I thought I’d share a short bit of my travels while Beth is in the shower.

I left late on Saturday to come down to Florida so I could break the drive up (9 hours) into two days, but also to spend some time with Magnus on his birthday. June is a busy month for us.. Sunday the 5th we celebrated Sweden’s Flag Day (a day early) in Raleigh, I had to pack and get ready for this trip, Magnus’ birthday was the 11th, this trip is the 13th and 14th, I head home on the 15th, my daughter’s birthday (she’s 5! how is that possible?) is on Friday, then on Saturday morning the 18th, we head to Sweden for 3 weeks (so blogging may be.. interesting.. I’m being threatened with loss of a computer.. and lack of work.. we’ll see…)

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When I was working on the book, I used a number of studies as references to cite from. I thought I would post some of them, along with what I took away as the important points from them for those who aren’t interested in reading the entire study, or just don’t have the time. I’ll post the entire abstract, then my thoughts, and, of course, a link to the entire study at the end for those interested.

Keep in mind there are LOTS of numbers, figures, etc. involved even in my bullet points as I break it down. LOTS. If you want it broken down very, very simply, here you go:

Contacts at 106 med schools in the US (most of which were the nutrition instructors themselves) filled out a 12-question survey about nutrition training in their school in 2004. The average number of hours spent in nutritional instruction is 23.9 hours, most hours are taught in the first two years of medical school, 3/4 of nutritional instruction occurs outside of a dedicated nutrition course, and most instructors feel the instruction in nutrition is inadequate.

If you want the specifics, keep reading.


This first study is a study from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published in 2006.


Status of nutrition education in medical schools
Kelly M Adams, Karen C Lindell, Martin Kohlmeier, and Steven H Zeisel

Background: Numerous entreaties have been made over the past 2 decades to improve the nutrition knowledge and skills of medical students and physicians. However, most graduating medical students continue to rate their nutrition preparation as inadequate.
Objective: The objective was to determine the amount and type of nutrition instruction of US medical schools, especially including the instruction that occurs outside designated nutrition courses.
Design: A 12-item survey asked nutrition educators to characterize nutrition instruction at their medical schools (required, optional, or not offered) and to quantify nutrition contact hours occurring both inside and outside designated nutrition courses. During 2004, we surveyed all 126 US medical schools accredited at the time.
Results: A total of 106 surveys were returned for a response rate of 84%. Ninety-nine of the 106 schools responding required some form of nutrition education; however, only 32 schools (30%) required a separate nutrition course. On average, students received 23.9 contact hours of nutrition instruction during medical school (range: 2-70 h). Only 4 schools required the minimum 25 h recommended by the National Academy of Sciences. Most instructors (88%) expressed the need for additional nutrition instruction at their institutions.
Conclusion: With the move to a more integrated curriculum and problem-based learning at many medical schools, a substantial portion of the total nutrition instruction is occurring outside courses specifically dedicated to nutrition. The amount of nutrition education in medical schools remains inadequate.       Am J Clin Nutr

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