Citracal Calcium Gummies

On May 6, 2011, in Minerals, Reviews, by Andrea


Dear Bayer HealthCare, LLC – makers of Citracal:

This isn’t cool.

Citracal used to represent a good, high quality product I could easily say “this will work in achlorhydriac (low acid) guts – go buy it and use it!”

Then you came out with some of your variations, such as the “Bone Builder” version which contained mostly carbonate and zinc – things that don’t go with the “Citracal” name nor with calcium.

Now? Now you’re dropping into the depths of the tricalcium phosphate market – a market of truly trashy calcium for WLS people. And you aren’t exactly inexpensive, either.

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What I eat.

On May 5, 2011, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

So awhile ago, Nik over at Bariatric Foodie asked a bunch of us to get together and post our food for a day to give post-ops a “realistic” view of what we eat at various stages of our surgery. I’m an open book anyway, so I don’t really care one way or another, except that it’s a fairly boring routine.

And then I figured out that eating? Kills my head. So now I kinda shy away from food. Welcome to long-term post-op life.

I’m not the only one doing this – there is a group of us. Please feel free to check out their blogs. I’m sure they are more “normal” than I am, especially right now given my dislike of solids.

I’ll be adding to this post through the day, so keep checking back. I also have a ton of other work to do, so you may also see some other things come across as well.

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Radio Interview

On May 3, 2011, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

This past Sunday, May 1st, I did a radio interview with Erin Akey down in Mobile, Alabama about the Lab Tracker. For those who could not hear it live, it is now online at The Bariatric Guru site. I’m part one of the May 1st edition if you are interested in listening.

EES/OAC NYC Trip Wrapup – Looking back

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The Obesity Online Blogger Group


I’m back.


Well. I’ve been back from NYC for a full week now, but have been deep in a hole, mostly offline, trying to finish the manuscript of the 2nd edition Labtracker that I’ve not had time to blog, breathe, sleep.. well, much of anything except subsist off coffee and Diet Mountain Dew (Voltage, for those of you taking notes). I’m not quite done, but enough so that I can see light and I am finally convinced that it is the end of the tunnel and not a train about to smack me into oblivion.

So here I am with my wrap-up of the trip to NYC that I took.

Key note here — and please forgive me for not getting the exact text right but I really am tired — My trip was paid almost completely in full by the kind folks at Ethicon Endo-Surgery (EES) and arranged by the great ladies (and guys? were there guys?) at Porter Novelli, to meet with the EES folks and the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) — a cause that is near and dear to my heart. Hotel for one night (the BBG gals covered one night on our own to see the town — first time in NY, had to see it!), airfare, car service, and a few meals were covered in full. So a huge thanks goes to these guys for this much needed vacat… err.. retre… err.. conference. Yeah. I think that’s the official word we’re using. We copacetic here? Got it? Good.

So yeah, I’m probably the last person to put my thoughts down. And some of that was because I was somewhat incoherent at times (I was speaking in citations at one point.. I have the emails to prove it). Some of it was due to simply to stress for the book. Some of it was unsure where, exactly, Andrea stood on a few things and needed some time to put words to thought. And, well, some of it was sheer jaw-dropping “what the holy hell are y’all doing?

This is going to be long. It will include my overall trip-thoughts, ideas along the way, photos, etc. Think of it as a virtual journal (which, really, is what blogs were, originally, rather than places to get vitamin information from) as I meander through my memories of the trip, throw along some photos, pop up some thoughts and questions along the way, then really get into some discussion.

Get your Click out, folks.

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This is what happens to bloggers..

On April 4, 2011, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

We post something about a company.

They don’t like it.

They hire an attorney.

They send a “cease and desist.”

Blogger says “I’ll keep it up. My integrity is at stake.”

Blogger’s fans cheer!  “Yay for not sacrificing your integrity!”

Some of Blogger’s family agree: “Ignore it. It’s nothing worth getting in a hurry over.”

Rest of Blogger’s family demands a cave-in: “Think of the children. It’s not worth the fight. You’re right, but they are bigger than YOU.”

Blogger eventually gives in.

Integrity lost.

Company with no actionable claim wins by default.

Web-bullying 101.


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