Lab Tracker Workbook

On November 8, 2010, in , by Magnus

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Lab Tracker Workbook

An interactive resource on post-operative bariatric wellness, focusing on nutrition and supplementation.

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The WLS Vitagarten: Lab Tracking Workbook includes information on important laboratory tests as well as resources for tracking trends and levels. It also provides information on bariatric-specific causes for abnormal levels.

Reviews are coming in from OUR peers:

Kaitlin Nelson from The Bypassed Life ( has to say:

“Rather than binding the book, Andrea chose to place the pages in a three-ring binder. I feel this format is excellent for a workbook. It allows patients the flexibility to rearrange pages to fit their needs, as well as to add information to the book. I will be adding copies of my labs to my binder, so all the information is in one accessible place. You could add internet print outs or information from your surgeon, so all your weight loss surgery information is in one place.

The visual aspect of tracking your labs on a chart is wonderful. It is easy to identify trends when presented with a visual representation. Vitamin stores can deplete quickly in bariatric patients. As a result, we must be more cognizant of our labs and go beyond checking to make sure that our values are “normal.” Instead, we must examine trends. If our values are decreasing over time, we want to adjust our supplements BEFORE those values creep out of the normal range. It is infinitely easier to prevent a deficiency than it is to correct a deficiency.”

Rachel from Bariatric Revisionary ( says:

“I will be the first one to admit, prior to this workbook, I knew nothing and I mean NOTHING about my blood work. I didn’t know my B6 from by B12 or my Iron from my A1C. I picked up a copy of this workbook at Houston Obesity Help conference. To be honest, I never had much intention in opening this workbook for my own personal use until I came to find I had a problem with my Vitamin D. I was under the impression, the very wrong impression, that VSGers don’t need to take vitamins and we are just like the Banders and I will be fine. I bought the workbook for two reasons; To be supportive to my dear friend who wrote the workbook, and because I am a support group leader and I thought it would be a good resource for my RNY members.”

“It is my opinion, this workbook is an essential for every post-op, support group leader and professional working with the bariatric community!! “

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