Activity Challenge

On May 25, 2010, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

My new kicks

So there’s a challenge I’ve seen floating around Facebook to walk/jog/run 60 miles in June, logged on  And while I normally use Runkeeper to keep my runs (when it, you know, actually works?) I figured what the hell?

So I’ve joined with the additional goal to add cross-training to my jogging schedule.  I really need to do the additional work and just haven’t with no other reason than general laziness.

I’ll post on Runkeeper (because it’s automatic), and on DailyMile (because it has the challengers), but I’ll probably also start adding my workouts here simply because I’d like to keep a better accountability of my activity.  I’d really like to suck less.

If you’d like to join the DailyMile challenge, please!  And if you’d like to help log activity with me?  Do that as well!