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Follow the Leader. Please.

Advocacy (noun) – act of pleading for, supporting, or recommending
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I’ve been in this community a long time, and I’ve learned a few things.  Well, I’ve learned quite a bit — most of which I’d have to start charging a fee for the blog to post.  But one of the non-R-rated items would be the different attitudes that are pervasive in the WLS community.

So many people enter this community and feel we should all see things the same way just because our guts have been similarly rearranged.  We all had this stigma attached to us at one time and thus we should all be exactly the same when we are skinny, moderately slim, not-quite-as-fat-as-we-were-bef0re, or simply back to where we were but have been through the process.

This isn’t the case.  We are all different, and we all see things in a different way.  This is okay.

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There are many reasons I do not want to be a “Professional Post-op” and why I am liable to laugh out loud at those who would use that term to describe me.

I don’t play games.  I don’t play politics.  I’m not fake.  I’m not effusive with my emotions.  I’m not overly chatty.  I tend to be very analytical with my thoughts.  I’m not overly graceful socially.  I’m quite literal in words, actions, and thoughts.  I try very hard not to overreact.  I try not to judge others harshly (let’s face it — we all judge.. it is human nature).  And I try not to allow my emotions to color my thoughts.

That last one is really a bitch.

It is why I’m writing this blog post today rather than last night.  Last night, I was too angry to be rational.  Instead, I painted my nails black and watched Criminal Minds.  Today, I’m just sad.

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Blame it on the BBGC

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She’s done wondering what it’s like to be liked by everyone, and like everyone be just like anyone, and just wants to be so just like anyone, and wondering what they mean do they just mean to mean to be mean, and thinking about the scene do they just want to be seen, and try not to seem so just like anyone. – Soul Asylum

I’m back from the ObesityHelp Cincinnati Conference and I can safely say that of the now three events I’ve attended?  This was, by far, the most fun I’ve had.

And I place the blame squarely upon the shoulders of the BBGC – those bitches.

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Would you be interested in a Boston WLS event run by MM and yours truly in late 2011?

If so, please go here and fill out the form.  While it looks like you’re buying a ticket for an event?  You aren’t.  It’s simply a poll.

This is not a guarantee, but simply a question as to whether people would come.  It’s still in the “do we want to do this?” stage.  If there’s enough interest to cover costs, then we will proceed.  But we’ve got to get enough peeps saying “YES!” before we commit vast amounts of time, money, resources to something that no one will want to come to.  Neither of us take failure or rejection particularly well.  Type A’s, we are.

So would you come?

The company you keep.

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Groups and peers have been a hotbed of discussion of late.  Most likely as a reaction to the Bariatric Bad Girls Club that was started on Facebook, Twitter, and then the website that was formed just recently.

It should be noted that the BBGC evolved from a group of people who were upset with the actions of a specific Matriarch in the bariatric world when she publicly attacked Melting Mama on her message board, then banned her from being able to even respond.  How fair is that?  Attacked, but unable to defend oneself?  Especially in “enemy territory”?  Lovely behavior.

This was my introduction to the Stepfords.  Prior to this, I had never heard of the group, had never ventured off my home at ObesityHelp.  And to be honest?  I’m quite grateful of that fact in retrospect, because my God?  I’d want to slit my wrist with some of the things I’ve seen over there.

The irony is that currently a discussion is being waged about how negative the BBGC is, and how little support we give.  And that’s, quite simply, bullshit.

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