Comprehensive Metabolic Profile

On April 27, 2010, in Tests, by Andrea

The CMP, or comprehensive metabolic panel, is a series of 14 blood tests which is a pretty routine draw for annual physicals or check-ups.  Over time, it can show some important baselines for basic physiology and can show how WLS changes our physiology in the long-term.  Any changes or abnormal results can direct a physician to order more specific tests.  The CMP provides basic information on kidney function, liver function, and electrolyte and fluid balance.  It is also used to monitor patients of chronic disease such as diabetes or hypertension.

Ranges given are simply given as a point of reference from MY laboratory.  Your lab may use slightly different lab values.  Adapt as necessary.

This is a fasting test.

The following tests are performed as part of the CMP:

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