Believe Italian Cappuccino

On November 15, 2009, in Protein, Reviews, by Andrea

Disclaimer – I got this from the OH Atlanta convention.  Theresa from Bariatric Eating was handing these out, along with the Calcet creamy bites (which might be where I got mine, I’m not certain..)  BE doesn’t know I’m doing this review — in fact, I’m not certain Theresa knows who I am, and she certainly didn’t know I was going to be blogging about the product when she handed it to me.  Actually, neither did I.  It took Beth several conversations over the course of the weekend to convince me to do so.  So basically, again, no product endorsement was asked for, implied, or anything else.

Italian Cappuccino

Italian Cappuccino

Italian Cappuccino, is a Splenda-sweetened espresso latte, with 20 grams of protein, a blast of natural energy and a hint of caramel goodness.

You have never tasted anything quite as delicious as Believe, our new ready-to-drink sensation. Smooth and delicious coffee lattes filled with healing protein & natural energy – packed in premium glass bottles, they’re a pleasure to sip.

Believe is perfect for a busy morning or afternoon break – these deliciously bold coffee protein beverages invigorate the body and mind with pure natural energy. Bliss in a bottle that’s actually good for you!

We’ve infused the finest coffee with natural flavorings and 20 grams of protein, making Believe a smart alternative to skipping a meal or eating fast food. Enjoy a bottle either chilled or over ice; wherever you are it’s pure perfection.

So I’ll be honest — I opened this expecting it to be exactly like the Buxx drinks in the same containers.  I’m not certain why, given that this is good for me and those, well, aren’t.  But my mind saw the bottle, the packaging and thought “mmm.. creamy coffee goodness..”

Well, not quite.

It’s thinner, much much thinner.  It’s sweeter, to me, than the Buxx drinks, and this comes from an admitted Splenda whore.  To me, it leaves an aftertaste — kind of a gritty aftertaste on my tongue, like a dry taste, but not horrible.  This might just be me because I handed it to the hubs, who does not like diet anything and he said it tasted much like the Buxx drinks to him.  So maybe my tongue may be broken, or overly-sensitive, or something else.  It is nowhere near as strong as Click is, so if Click is too much for you but you like your coffee, then this might be a good alternative to try.

The statistics are really good for the drink:

Italian Cappuccino Stats

Italian Cappuccino Stats

So would I drink this again?  Yes.  In fact, since I have one in my fridge, I will be drinking it again.  It’s not as strong as the Click, which might be great for people who aren’t into the massive espresso need like I am.  It’s definately something I would drink, and would consider buying again.  And let’s face it, the stats are super.

Available at Bariatric Eating.