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Just another day in the life of me.

Yeah, sorry about the quality.  I wasn’t planning on needing my good camera.  Or having my picture made.  Or.  Well.  Ending up in the hospital?

So the knife-in-the-gut pain?  It started on noon again on Monday and Would. Not. Die.  I had been pretty patient for me and called the GI doc and said “move my appointment up.  Now.” and they did to Tuesday.

Luckily (or not?) I was still in the throes of knife-in-gut-pain that had not ever ended from the day before when he saw me.  So guess what?  An no-expense paid visit to the local hospital.  With the kids in tow as the husband was an hour away still at work.  So fun, eh?

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I have a hatred of few things in life.  Flintstones, Tums, and Optisource are among them.

When I first had surgery, we were started on Optisource vitamins.  4x a day, that’s it.  Sounds fine, right?  It’s great — until you realize they have the wrong type of calcium in them.  They use calcium carbonate and not citrate — which is what someone who has a limited acid quotient has needs.

So then we switched.  I’m not really sure why, but we did.

To Flintstones and Tums.  Which is still the wrong type of calcium.

And then.  Then I had kids.  And it all goes downhill from there.  (doesn’t it always?)

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Fake Doctor? OMG.

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Okay.  Now, this frightens me.

How many of us, when looking for surgery, actually, you know, check out our surgeons?  Our PCPs?  Our GIs?  I know *I* never have.  Perhaps I should.

A drum had been banged for some time about a doctor running an after-care clinic for WLS surgery in Mexico, who, was not, in fact an actual doctor.  There was some proof, but many discredited the proof for one reason or another.  This is NOT the surgeon – this is the “doctor” that is in charge of the care AFTER the surgery.  He was in charge of pain management, wound care, drains, giving injections, etc.

Last night, another person stepped forward with the same claim — with pictures of the Mexican medical license.  When you put the number in the Mexican Licensing Board — a different name pops up.


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Scripted D Fail.

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Going back to my roots a bit and explain a common problem in the WLS community — scripted vitamin D supplements.


Drisdol is the trade name for the prescription strength vitamin D treatment.  It is 50,000 IU of D2, suspended in an oil-base.  The typical regimen is 1 per week for 8 or 12 weeks, then retest.  This is in additional to the vitamin D that is packaged in calcium supplements and possibly additional vitamin D taken through the week depending on the prescriber.

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This is a two-fer as my folks would say.  So sit down, relax, and if you’re me, don’t think about the gabazillion things that have to happen between now and tomorrow when I hit the road.

Saw my GI today.  I still <3 him even though they didn’t call me with the results of my CT when they got them.  That got me a bit peeved.

So the CT was clear — in terms of gut things.  Another thing lit up like a fricken Christmas tree, though — a nice 4cm ovarian cyst.  So a call to my GYN is in order.  Yay me.  Cause, really?  Seriously? And since he pushed on me to ask me if it hurt (and no, it didn’t before), it now does.  Thanx, doc.

So we’re thinking an ulcer in the remnant.  He changed up my PPI to something stronger and added another med for a month.  After a month, if the pain is still there, then we will look at playing with a fun, new toy — a double-balloon enteroscopy.

Basically, this sucker allows the doctor to be able to push up into the remnant stomach and see what is going on.  Which is, admittedly, pretty cool.  And you damned well know that if I have this done, I will DEMAND PHOTOS, VIDEOS, ETC.  Cause.. cool.  Well, not pain-cool.  But the g33k in me is looking at the advances since my RNY and saying — cool.

So there’s that.

Also, as you may be aware, I’ve been doing a little experiment with Heme iron.  Just to catch you up:

HGB – 12.6  (12.0 – 18.0 g/dl)
HCT – 39.7%  (37.0 – 51.0%)
Ferritin – 11.1  (11-137 ng/ml)
Iron – 41  (37 – 170 ug/dl)
TIBC – 310  (265 – 497 ug/dl)
Iron Saturation – 13%  (20-55%)


HGB – 13.13  (12.0 – 15.0 g/dl)
HCT – 38.21%  (35.0 – 49.0%)
Ferritin – 16.3  (6 – 81 ng/ml premenopausal *which seems odd cause post is 14-186….?*)
Iron – 45  (28 – 182 ug/ml)
UIBC – 326  (130 – 375 ug/dl)
TIBC – 371  (180 – 545 ug/dl)
Iron Sat – Not measured

Got new labs:


TIBC – 344  ( 250-450)
UIBC – 255 (150-375)
Serum Iron – 89  (35-155)
Iron Sat – 23%  (15-55%)
Ferritin – 23  (10-291 — with a notation that they are changing to 13-150 for Females)

So I’m thinking the Heme iron is working.  I’m going to keep at it for the long-haul because 23 still isn’t a GREAT ferritin, but it sure as hell beats the numbers I had before.  And this is in 3 months.  That’s quite a jump.

My only other update is a reminder that Beth and I will be going to Baltimore for FitBloggin — so while we will be “bloggin” the conference (apparently they are even providing internet service?) I don’t know how much I’ll be AROUND.  So if I’m quiet, I’ve not died or anything.  We promise to take many, many pictures and annoy you with how much fun (we hope) to be having.

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