ASBS: Postoperative Concerns

On May 3, 2010, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

This is a document put out by the ASBS (not the ASMBS.. I know, SOOO close) that’s a guideline of some post-op concerns some patients may have.

Now, I have some issues with some of it.

  1. It states that 85% of RNYers experience Dumping Syndrome.  They seem to be lumping reactive hypoglycemia in this number, and if that is, in fact, the case then I’ll concede the point.  If they aren’t, then they are way over-estimating the number.  In actuality, only about 30% of RNYers dump.  I also do not consider hypoglycemia (especially just plain ‘ole hypoglycemia) a form of dumping — but that could be because I was hypoglycemic before I had my guts rearranged.
  2. It states that DSers could have up to 20 bowel movements a day.  This seems a bit.. far-fetched and propaganda-ish to me.  In fact, perhaps this is where some of the misinformation that surgeons are spewing comes from?  If you are a DSer that has more than 10 bowel movements a day, I’d like to know about it.  Cause, man, that would blow.  But I truly doubt it’s happening to most — and I think that those that are having this problem are those that aren’t following the proper diet.
  3. It doesn’t go into SPECIFIC vitamin supplementation.  Specifics, people, specifics!  Otherwise we get docs saying Tums and Flintstones are GREAT!

It does address some good points:

  1. Stalls are normal.
  2. Exercise is important.
  3. Weighing often is silly – and inaccurate for various reasons.
  4. Vitamins are good.

Overall, not a bad thing to read.  Just like everything, though — take from it what you can and ignore the crap.

ASBS Postoperative Concerns