CLICK IN the New Year!

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Yes!  A CONTEST!  We all know how much Andrea likes to give things away!  And things that people give to Andrea to give away?!  EVEN BETTER!  (Note to companies who read this?  Andrea LOVES to give away swag.  Send me swag, I promote your stuff.)

Click In the New Year!

So how about a CLICK PACK?

Between 12/26 and 12/31, reply to this post with a resolution for the new year.  If you need help creating a resolution, try reading this post about SMART Resolutions for pointers.  Your resolution doesn’t have to be related to weight loss — pick something that is important to your life, but pick something.

On New Year’s Day, I’ll pull a radom number generator and pick a post number.  That person will get a Click Pack by mail.

Now, to put a comment on the post, you’ll have to create a WordPress account.  It’s one of those things that is part of the deal.  I don’t get access to the accounts, it’s their way of keeping the spam down on the blogs and I kinda like not having to delete sex spam from vitamin postings so I keep that part of the deal.  If you don’t want to create an account, maybe you can play on the FaceBook contest next time but this is part of the deal this time.

So get crackin!  I’ll pull the winner at midnight on New Year’s Day to CLICK IN THE NEW YEAR!

SMART Resolutions

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It's that time again...

Yes.  It’s that time again.

No.  Not the time where you swear you’ll never drink again.  That’s next week.

Now is when we start to think about resolutions.  We’ve eaten at holiday parties (if you’re lucky enough to still be working, AND to still be working for a company that still HAS holiday parties… not saying that we are or aren’t but we’ll just say that I didn’t have to buy a fancy outfit this year…) and the neighbors that you never speak to have brought over the obligatory cookie plate that you’ve nibbled on despite wondering about possible poisoning (hey, I’m a carb whore too — don’t tell me you wouldn’t either..  well, until after the spouse didn’t keel over first, of course).

So resolutions.  They’re good to have — even though most of them fly out of the window by March 1st.  I mean, we all have the best of intentions and do SOOOO well for the first month.  The second month we begin to wane.. but by the third month?  Whatever.  Game over, the end.  Kudos if you actually make it beyond the fourth month.. I can’t say I know a single person who’s made it to June, much less to the end of the year.  I mean, EVER.

And let’s face it — we all have the same resolutions!  Lose weight!  Save money!  Work less!  Laugh more!  Spend more time with the family!  It’s amazing.

When it comes to making resolutions, we should keep a few things in mind — and I’m gonna focus my examples on, duh! what else? weight loss, but these guidelines really can be used for anything.  Oh, sorry for the rambling.  I’m coming down from a carb coma (which is why I’m writing about resolutions NOW).  There are a few things to keep in mind when making resolutions.  We want to make our goals SMART.

Now, those of you in the corporate world are now groaning.  Go ahead, skip ahead to the end of the post to the fun part.  Those of you who are scratching your head and saying “why would people be groaning?” then stick around.


  • Specific:  Well, duh.  “I want to lose weight,” right?  Um, no.  SPECIFIC.  “I want to lose 48lbs.”  A very specific number.
  • Measurable:  This is easy — weight can be measured by a scale.  Use the same one, at the same time and write it down.  Don’t want to lose weight?  Lose inches, lose body fat %, save money — but have a goal that can be MEASURED.  Don’t have a goal that is unmeasurable — “I want to feel better” is a nice goal, yes — but how do you measure that?
  • Attainable:  It’s great to reach for something that you have to work for.  It sucks to put the bar so high that you can never get there and then get discouraged.  I’m 5 years post op.  It would be impossible for me to lose 20lbs in a month.  Fresh out of surgery?  Different story.  But setting such a goal would only kill my morale when I never ever EVER reach it.  What’s the point?
  • Relevant:  Make the goal fit your life.  For me, I could use some weight loss.  I’d like to lose about 20lbs to really be happy with myself.  This is my relevance.  This is not relevant to my skinny-ass husband who could eat ice cream for months and still be smaller than I am.  (BTW, I sorta hate him for that — only as much as one can hate their spouse when they love them to pieces sorta way.  You know what I mean.)
  • Time-bound.  Put a clock on your goal.  Sure, I want to lose 20lbs, but WHEN do I want to have it done by?  And even better, have check in points to monitor your progress.

So here’s the challenge.  I give this to you tonight to start thinking because starting tomorrow (12/26) through New Year’s Eve, I will be collecting your resolutions.  They can be a resolution for anything — saving money, losing weight, ANYTHING –

And what does this do for you?  Well, a few things.

  1. A public declaration of your resolution helps to make it more real.  At least, it does for me.  It gives me an audience to help kick my ass back onto track if I fall off of it.
  2. An entry into a contest!  Yes, Andrea likes contests, what can I say.  Your resolution gives you an entry for a Click Pack to help Click In the New Year!  The rules will be announced tomorrow.

Click In the New Year!

So start thinking on those resolutions…

Because I’m jealous..

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Everyone is giving things away.  I see blogs giving away cameras, and blogs giving away Click..  and vitamins.. And then there’s MeltingMama who’s ALWAYS giving away something.  So, well, I wanna do it it!  I’m jealous.  ‘Tis the season and all that jazz.

So for my first contest, I’m catering to my FaceBook Fan page.

On the day that I hit 100 fans, I will randomly select someone to win a 5-pack of ISS Oh Yeah RTD protein milkshakes.  Now, these are pretty yummy if you’ve never had them before, and I’m pulling them outta my own personal stash (that tells you how yummy they are — I drink them pretty darn often my ownself..).

Free!  Free!  Free!

Free! Free! Free!

The rules?  Pretty easy — become a fan, if you aren’t already, on FaceBook.  The day that I hit 100 I will randomly pick a number, and that fan will win the pack and I will mail it to them.  Easy peasy.

But Andrea!  What happens if you get 154 fans on that one day?!?  Then 154 people will be entered into the contest.

But Andrea!  What do you mean by “day”?  Well, when I get up, I check my fan count.  If it’s over 100, I’ll do the drawing.  If it’s not, then I won’t.  Simple as that.

Now, no worries.  I like the idea of contests.  If this one goes well, then maybe I can be persuaded to do more.  Soon.  Like for New Year’s?

If you’re already a fan — Great!  Invite your friends.   If not, there’s a link directly on the site to become one.

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