A tattoo that tells blood sugars?

On November 14, 2009, in General Nutrition, by Andrea

It may be on it’s way…

Source: MSNBC

Scientists are starting to test a kind of sensor that changes color with rising blood sugar levels. The high-tech tattoo, which is about the size of the clicker on the end of a ballpoint pen, is made up of tiny spheres that are injected into the outermost layer of skin. These nanospheres contain a special kind of ink that reacts with glucose, explains the tattoo’s inventor, Heather Clark, a biomedical engineer at Draper Laboratory in Cambridge, Mass.

What would be cool is if this could be used for those of us that are severely hypoglycemic rather than diabetic.  Some of us don’t even begin to get symptomatic until comatose levels — quite recently, I remember a reading of 28 on my glucometer — a number that would have many people unconscious and drooling on the floor.  If I had this implantable mood ring of sorts, I could save myself some of the misery that I encounter at such low numbers and try to head off the hours it takes to gradually get those numbers normal without doing a massive yo-yo of reactive-ness (yes, I am now making up my own words).

A girl can dream, right?

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