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There are few things I tell people they MUST do.

You MUST get your own labs and put your own eyes on them to track trends.

You MUST learn how to stand up for your health.

Now?  You MUST go and print off a copy of the ASMBS Clinical Pearls for Emergency Care of the Bariatric Surgery Patient.

Yes.  I mean it.  Go. Do it now.  And put it with your list of medications and supplements and last labs for any emergencies that might pop up.

You never know when you might need it.

It could even save your life.

Celebrate Goodies

So back in October (yes, I realize it’s almost January..) Vic from Celebrate sent me a care package of some of Celebrate’s newer products.  It included a bottle of their Pineapple-Strawberry multivitamins, Cherry Tart calcium, Cherry B12 sublinguals, and their full line of ENS liquid multivitamin/calcium mixes.

I was in bariatric heaven.

Since I got a full month of the multivitamin, calcium, and B12, and because I’m not normally one for chewable vitamins?  I decided to actually TAKE the vitamins for a full month before doing the reviews on the products to see when I got tired of them, IF I got tired of them.  This is coming from someone who thinks Flintstones take like crap, could not stand Optisource, etc.

First up?  The Pineapple-Strawberry multivitamin.

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As many of you know, the ASMBS had their Annual Convention in Las Vegas last week and now the journals are starting to pour out a ton of information from that meeting.  I’ve been slacking of late, but I’m going to start putting in the things that they’ve churned out from the meeting as it directly relates to the WLS community.  Maybe not nutrition-wise, but still.

Another thing to add to the “duh” pile. Nice nod to the DS towards the end.

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Food Police

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Protein, protein, and more protein.

Okay.  The WLS world is all aflutter.

You’ve got the OMG HOW COULD THEY?’s, the OMG GIMME’s, and the Meh’s.  Well.  And you’ve got me — “OUCH!” but that’s just cause I’m broken.  If I weren’t, I think I’d fall in the Meh category.  Maybe I’d try it, maybe I wouldn’t.

So let’s put this out here — I. Don’t. Do. Vegetables.  AT ALL.  No, really.  My stoma doesn’t like 90% of them.  Fruits either.  It’s picky.  And this is on a good day.  What do I live on?  Protein.  And what you see above?  Is what I’d consider a normal meal.  Although I’d get it with bread.  It’s not special.  It’s not icky (although it looks like a sauce?  It would have to go in my world.  Andrea doesn’t do sauces.)

“But Andrea?  You had a surgery to change the way you live!  Don’t you want to eat well and have a healthy life?”

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WLS in the news

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A surgeon on a local news channel discusses the four types of surgery:


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