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Find the WLSers...

Picture thanks to Carried Photography in Baltimore.

I remember before leaving how much I was looking forward to my mini mom-vacation.  Thursday was particularly stressful, so getting away was particularly nice.  But by Sunday afternoon — I was ready for the chaos of my life to be back.  I missed my little loud vikings and even the tall quiet one as well.  They even fixed (if you can call what is in my kitchen “fixed”) me some cake as a welcome home present.  It’s loaded with sugar so I will  have a touch of it and try to not have much more.  But it was a sweet thought.

Beth summarized many of my thoughts about Fitbloggin’s atmosphere regarding us — although people knew who she was.  I’m not surprised.  She’s been doing this for years, has many many more friends and fans on Facebook and Twitter than I do, etc.  She’s also a great deal more gregarious than I am — and that’s fine.  So no big shock that I didn’t get the “I’ve read you!” like she had throughout the conference.

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