Wonder Iron?

Iron-deficiency anemia is the number one complication after all forms of weight loss surgery, but more so with RNY gastric bypass – the most popular form of WLS to date.  With more and more women turning to WLS to conceive, it can be a scary statistic, given that women are prone to anemia to begin with.

JAMA recently published a study regarding prenatal micronutrient supplementation in Nepal, a country rife with iron-deficient anemia.  This study looked at the impact of various supplements and their affects on motor and intellectual affects a few years after birth.  It reveals that prenatal iron and folate are absolutely critical.

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Celebrate says:

NEW – Quick-melt tablets! Dissolve in your mouth in a minute! Delivering 1000 mcg of vitamin B-12, this great tasting sublingual tablet will ensure that you are receiving proper levels of this critical vitamin.

This bottle contained 90 sublingual tablets, so I did another 30-day test with them.  And again, as someone who does not like chewable vitamins as a rule, I was shocked.

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B12 and Folate Deficiencies in VSG

On December 6, 2010, in Vitamins, Water Solubles, by Andrea

Cyanocobalamin Injection

I deal with folks of RNY and DS persuasion on a regular basis simply due to the fact that we know we have to do supplementation due to our malabsorption of micronutrients for the rest of our lives.

What AGBers and VSGers fail to understand is that they also need to supplement as well.  And in some cases, it is more than just a simple multivitamin and calcium.

A study was started in June of 2007 of VSG patients and conducted for 12 months afterwards to study the possibility of iron, B12, and folate deficiency with only taking an iron-free multivitamin.  A total of 61 patients were included in the study.  Parameters for those who don’t have access to the whole study (and, if you just read the abstract?  You’d not realize the significance of this study!!  It’s VERY SIGNIFICANT! for VSGers!) like I do.

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We’ve seen some of the stats before — that RNY’ers are not compliant with their supplementation.  There was a study out that measured the efficacy of a multivitamin alone after RNY and in the process we learned that only 33% were actually compliant. You’d think we learned?

No.  We didn’t.

Now, this study was published in 2009 — but is from patients from 2006-2007.  I’m hoping, hoping, HOPING that people out there understand how freaking important their vitamins are, and if not perhaps they will see after reading these two studies.

Keep in mind, these are two studies in order — and neither are very good.  Both show that people, at least around 2005-2007 did not feel like they needed to take their vitamins.  Don’t become a statistic.

A few takeaways:

  • 33% took a multivitamin
  • 5.1% took b12
  • 7.7% took calcium
  • 11.1% took folic acid
  • 12.0% took iron
  • 61.5% took incorrect medication formulations
  • 34.7% took non-immediate-release medications
  • 25.0% took enteric-coated medications
  • 40.3% took enteric-coated non-immediate-release medications

How many do you think were getting appropriate protein levels?  Or their lab work?

The article abstract can be read here.

This simply continues the point that we need to educate ourselves AND our physicians.


On January 21, 2010, in Fat Solubles, Minerals, Vitamins, Water Solubles, by Andrea

Just giving you proof — I practice what I preach.

This is my week’s worth of vitamins.  Well, six days’ worth.  I’ve lost the 7th day somewhere and I really like this set, so I make do with what I’ve got.

My week, in perspective.

Each day may be divided into 4 compartments, but that does not mean that I only take vitamins 4 times per day.  Several compartments have 2 doses in them.

I just thought that I’d put this out there — that I do, in fact, take the vitamins that I write about.