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I want it plainly made clear that I will do things for my peeps — those of you in the WLS family that I wouldn’t do for many others.  Got it?  Good.  Lavish praise, free samples, protein to sample, My Little Ponies for the pre-schooler to dress up, balls for the toddler to throw at my head while I blog are all welcome to show your happiness at my willingness to be your guinea pig.  Just call me Winnie.

WonderPets WonderPets We're On Our Way!  (With IRON!)

WonderPets WonderPets We're On Our Way! (With IRON!)

So last night, during a not-so-routine check with a doctor, I had a blood draw.  This was after I dazzled him with my vitamin knowledge, and sharing my recent harrowing experience with blood draws of my children and not really wanting to drag them along.  Realizing that I probably knew more than he did, he walked to the lab and said “draw whatever she wants” — and she did after consulting her book as some of it wasn’t her norm.

So what does all of this mean for you?  I’m GETTING THERE.  It’s been a LONG day at work.  I’m slow.

I have issues with iron.  My hematacrit (hct) and hemaglobin (hgb) are always fine (which are the two main things that are determining factors for “anemia”) but my ferritin is in the single digits.  I have been taking 600mgs of elemental chemical iron, in three forms — polysaccharide, carbonyl, and fumarate.  And before someone does the smartass “But Andrea, are you taking it with C?  Away from calcium?  Away from tannins?  Away from legumes and whole grains?  With vitamin A?  Is your B-12 good?  What about copper and zinc — that chick on OH says you need those, too!”  Remember to whom you are asking.  OF COURSE I HAVE.  DUH.  For some reason, I just don’t absorb the chemical iron.  My ferritin has stayed at a 7 for over a year now.

So last night, I got a full iron panel pulled.  I have the hct and hgb levels now, but am waiting for the rest in the mail in about a week.  Hgb is 12.6 (12.0 – 18.0) and hct is 39.7 (37-51).  Not horrible, high enough to donate blood.

I’ve heard of Proferrin, which is a heme iron — something completely different.

Wonder Iron?

Wonder Iron?


Increased Absorption*

Absorbing iron orally is difficult and Proferrin helps solve this problem. A study performed at the University of Colorado compared taking 20 mg. of elemental iron as heme iron polypeptide to taking 20 mg. of ionic iron (ferrous fumarate) with a standard meal. The study demonstrated that HIP increased serum iron levels 23 times greater than ionic iron on a milligram-per-milligram basis.1

Contains Only Iron from Natural Sources*

The HIP in Proferrin is extracted from hemoglobin, a naturally occurring iron source found in red meat and poultry.2 Proferrin does not contain common allergens, such as milk or wheat products, gluten, or significant amounts of oils or fats. If you have specific allergies, please contact your physician or Colorado Biolabs for more information.

Doesn’t Compete with Other Nutrients*

The HIP found in Proferrin is absorbed differently than traditional irons. Unlike other irons, Proferrin does not compete with other nutrients.3,4

Fewer Dosing Restrictions*

HIP does not appear to be affected by calcium, coffee, or other foods, and can be taken with meals.1 It may even replace intravenous irons.5

Fewer Side Effects*

Traditional iron supplements are made with ionic irons, which can cause side effects such as constipation, cramping, gas and other forms of digestive system problems.6,7,8 Proferrin causes less gas9 and is unlikely to cause common iron-related digestive system side effects. This is due to Proferrin’s heme iron polypeptide being absorbed differently than that of non-heme iron.

I thought — well, why not?  So here’s the experiment.  I’m going to take 3 a day (which is per the bottle — 1-3 per day) for 90 days and have another draw and see if there is any change.  I won’t take any chemical iron between now and then just to see what this can do.  I’ve heard it’s wonderful, so I’m willing to give it a shot.

It’s quite expensive — comes out around $50/ per month — so if chemical iron is working for you, then stay with it.  But maybe this can eventually keep a needle out of my arm?

Taking bets — what does anyone think?  Hype or not?

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