June Challenge – Day 1

On June 2, 2010, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

I’m sick.

I try not to admit it that often, but it happens.

I woke up yesterday with no voice at all.  As in, literally, no voice.  Not sure exactly why.  It cleared through the day, though, and while I still had a cough, I sounded mostly normal.

So, even though I was still a bit sore from my epic run the night before, I went to the gym and tried to force a run.

Did not go well.  Did 2.6 mi, though, so I’ve at least done my 2mi for the challenge.

Woke up this morning with less voice, and coughing even more.  So I promise, despite my real wanting to go run (which is mental now), I won’t.  I’ve finally gone insane, off the deep end, wacko, nuts, etc.

And my obvious attempt to add more calories is not going all too well.