Growing up RNY

On January 16, 2010, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

I went grocery shopping last night.

I know.  Big deal.  We all do it.  Some times it’s a weekly occurrence — painful at the very least — especially when faced with two ravenous youngin’s that have these voracious appetites.  See, the pre-schooler eats, and no I wish I were kidding about this, every 45 minutes or so.  The toddler (and God I hate calling him that, but he turns two, TWO!!!  TWO! next month so I can’t really call him the baby anymore) doesn’t eat as often but can eat more than my 5-year old pouch can.  x2.  Easily.  For every meal.

So I’m grocery shopping for our staples.  And while checking out, I burst out laughing.

Which, of course, makes the checker, and the bagging lady person look at me funny.  Which isn’t an unusual occurrence, but, well considering I was wearing normal clothing, had showered recently, and was not on the phone I can see why this may have been unsettling to them.

My purchase consisted of bagels, pasta, cheese, bananas, apples, frozen chicken nuggets, turkey hot dogs, tortillas, canned soup, canned beef-a-roni, eggs, 2 things of Greek yogurt, and a diet Mt. Dew.  Yeah, call me a proud member of the Bariatric Bad Girls Club as I cracked that sucker open.

Not a veggie to be found.  No good fruits — unless you count the 4 pitiful apples.  Sure, there were some eggs, reduced fat cheese, and the Greek yogurt — but the rest was pretty much crappy carbs.

Now why did this make me laugh out loud in the middle of my frigid Harris Teeter?

I remember the many, many, many RNY vs. DS arguments that have occurred and eventually I’d see “I have young children and I would NEVER get a surgery in which I’d teach my children such unhealthy eating habits as the DS would teach!  That’s why I’m getting / have gotten the RNY!”


Now, admittedly, most people do not have my crappy stoma that hates any and all vegetables.  The ONLY way I can eat veggies is if they have been cooked into oblivion, and even then — we’re talking Vegas odds here, folks — MAYBE I can have some veggies.  Broccoli?  No.  Not at all — even creamed.  And it’s not just veggies — fruit is the same way.  Applesauce will never work for me.  Which is completely wrong in all ways possible because applesauce is just.. well, what we feed babies.  But no, my stoma clamps down and refuses.

So with my complete intolerance (and fear) of vegetables and fruit, we have one strike in the “raising our children to eat well” column.  But hey!  We have another person in the equation, right?  Yeah, no.  He hates veggies, too.  The hubs, well, he is on the “nothing but pasta and parmesean cheese” plan.  And damn him if he can’t do that AND stay the same weight.  I swear that he fixes it, eats it, and I gain the weight just by looking at the box the carbs CAME in.  Not fair.  So no veggies there.  And of course, he fixes it for him, so the kids want what Papa is having.  Why not?

So Mama eats nothing but protein, and eats every 3 hours.  Oh, and many of those “meals” come in a liquid form from a shaker cup.  Papa eats nothing but carbs and fats.  And the kids?  Well, their favorite foods are your typical kids foods — chicken nuggets, hot dogs, pizza.  But add in a few things — The bab..err. toddler could be a monkey for the amount of bananas he puts away (seriously — 4-5 a day).  The daughter LURVES HoneyCrisp apples, strawberries, and grapes.  And they both go gaga for strawberry bagels and tortillas slathered with peanut butter.  And remember — both were born into this life.

So really, what exactly are we teaching them with our eating habits?

WLS is a crap-shoot.  You may have a pouch of steel or one that won’t handle anything at all.  You may be one of the DSers that can’t stand bacon.  You never know until AFTER surgery.  But the one thing that you should know is that in a world of absolutes?  Nothing is really absolute.  Well — except that carbs are evil.  I think we can all agree to that.