Atlanta 2012

On October 10, 2012, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

It’s no huge secret that I’ve been pretty quiet in the weight loss surgery world. Hell, I’ve been pretty quiet pretty much everywhere for over a year now. I’ve had a few people send me messages asking about me, asking me to blog again, wondering what’s going on. And I’ve appreciated it. But I’ve needed some time to ponder a number of things going on in my life and in our community as a whole, and blogging simply hasn’t been a priority in the process of evaluating the things in my life.

And really, we all go through these cycles of life.. we just handle them differently. Trying to find a healthy balance of work, family, personal time can be difficult at the best of times and downright impossible at the worst. Some just handle it better than others. Throw in a rerouted digestive system that requires a bit of special care and an itch for physical exercise and things can get downright complicated schedule-wise. Adding in swimming lessons and soccer only increases the fun.

This past weekend was Obesity Help’s only land-based conference this year, and it was held in one of my favorite cities — Atlanta. Atlanta is a special place for me because one of my very close friends lives there and I always enjoy spending time with her entire family. There’s something heart-warming about Ruby-the-St. Bernard snuggles and my apparent dog whisperer abilities with Daisy, the new pup, while I try to explain the geography in a Swedish post card to one of the kids as I’m mobbed shortly inside the door. Also, they know of and indulge my pumpkin obsession with coffee, pancakes, and bread.. It’s almost like a second family in the familiarity, and I really enjoy visiting. I’m looking forward to December when I go again.

Atlanta was also the first OH conference I went to three years ago, and it was where I first decided to start blogging. So it has some deeper personal meaning for me in that regard as well.

This was the first conference since that first time that I went as myself, coincidentally, rather than as a part of a larger group. I was “just Andrea” for this conference, rather than Andrea-of-the-BBGC. When I’ve gone to other conferences, I’ve been an adjunct of something else.. and while some may have seen me as an individual, I never really saw myself as that. This time was quite the opposite. While I went with Michelle, we were not joined at the hip, and we certainly did our own things.

And because I was just Andrea, I got to see things and speak to people I wouldn’t have before.

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