On December 31, 2009, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

I don’t write many “opinion” only pieces.  I generally like to keep my thoughts on here to facts only.  Not really sure why — I guess because I’m just a little ‘ole person who blogs.  I don’t have an edumacasion that’s worth anything, so my opinion isn’t really worth a whole lot.  Or so I think.  Maybe, I don’t know.

But today, today I’m puzzled.

Yesterday, I reported that the link between proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and osteoporosis — something that was thought to be an iron-clad link as reported in JAMA in December of ’06 — was completely obliterated.  I was surprised and shocked that I found it first — and I knew that I had by perusing the Osteoporosis page over at Alltop.

The reaction was lukewarm at best.  Which was … shocking.  This is a medicine that tons of WLSers take on a daily basis to avoid ulcers, and in a community that is already plagued with calcium and bone density problems, the hint that a drug that we need to avoid ulcers might hinder our calcium absorption is scary.  Well, it was to me.  Avoid ulcers or have broken bones?  What a choice!  I mean, both options really suck, especially coming from someone who has lived with both.  So seeing the link between the two broken was a welcome relief and I expected the community to be just as excited as I was.

To see that they weren’t — well, surprising isn’t the word I’d use.  I’m not sure disappointing is the word I’d use because I can’t be disappointed at the lack of reaction from others.. but more than surprised.  Perhaps shocked.

And still not a peep from the osteoporosis community, either.

The mind boggles at what people find intriguing and what they find boring.