Unjury, the makers of oPurity one-a-day multivitamins have been campaigning hard for their vitamin, boasting updated statistics and continuing their banner of China-Free ingredients.

This morning, I got yet another one of these emails with the following:

Practices are switching to OPURITY

Here’s an email from one of the large practices switching from Bariatric Advantage to OPURITY.

“I just wanted to touch base and let you know that after a lot of research with Bariatric multivitamin companies our program has decided to make the switch from recommending Bariartic Advantage to Opurity!

Based on the number of supplements our patients currently need to take and the cost of these supplements, compliance has been poor.

We then plan to stock Opurity Vitamins for our post-op patients. We will be providing our patients information on where to order these supplements from in addition to the option of purchasing them from our clinic, as we currently do with Bariatric Advantage.

I wanted to get in touch with you regarding this decision to make this change in hopes we can work closely with supplying our patients with information, resources and samples on these supplements.”

Just reply to this email if you would like more information about Recommending and Stocking OPURITY® Vitamins at your practice or facility.

Thank you all for recommending OPURITY® Vitamins and UNJURY® Protein.


So I’ve decided to revisit oPurity and examine it according to the ASMBS suggestions, what we know about vitamins so far (with citations, of course), and let you make your own decisions in case your practice is one of the ones deciding to switch.

And I’m going to let out a trade secret here.. one that I probably shouldn’t tell – your doctor’s offices get cash for selling you your vitamins from whatever company they choose to sell. I can’t tell you how much because each company has their own percentage, and it might even depend on volume, but your office selling supplements is not truly an altruistic thing for you, the patient.

Now, keep in mind that offices are struggling to make ends meet. And this is a way for them to increase cash flow. BUT is it truly the best product for you? Don’t assume that it is. Do your research before making that assumption. Several practices are now making their own products and marketing them, for them to be not-so-great products in the end. Use your noggin’ folks.

So this is likely to be long, and might get a bit technical. I’ll do what I can to keep it easy.

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