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I’ve been slow on my ASMBS posts. I know it, but life has a funny way of getting in the way..

A discussion of late on the BBGC is about collagen protein supplements, and of course how they are either good or bad for supplementation. So it’s spurring me to share one of the things I learned while down in Orlando: how to figure PDCAAS.

There are calculators out there, or you can usually hit me up and beg for a score as I’m generally curious as well. And in the past, I’ve used the calculators because I never knew how to do this myself.. but now I do and it’s interesting how it’s done.

In the future will I continue to use the calculators? Possibly. We’ll see. I’m kinda old fashioned in a number of ways, and I may choose to keep doing the long-hand method just to keep up the practice (and to impress everyone..) but at least now I’ll have the choice.

And so will you.

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PDCAAS scores

On May 1, 2010, in Protein, by Andrea

PDCAAS scores I’ve figured for various products.  Kinda a place for future reference.  I don’t like to have to do things multiple times (shh.. this was my selling point for having the blog in the first place…)  Remember that PDCAAS is the current protein scoring method used by the World Health Organization.  It is graded with 1.0 being the highest score possible.  Whey protein isolate and egg white protein both score 1.0 and thus are considered gold standards (and complete proteins).

If you need a protein refresher, read up here.

Some are surprising.  Some, not so much.

Do not take any of this as reviews.  I’m not reviewing these, simply showing the PDCAAS scores.  That’s all. Period.  End of story.  Not telling you to take, not to take, anything beyond the score.

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