Gotein – Strawberry

On May 17, 2010, in Protein, Reviews, by Andrea

Protein.. in a stick?

Gotein™ Protein to Go!
Perfect for individuals with a hectic schedule looking for a nutritious high protein shake to go. Whether you’re a WLS patient with a strict diet, an active executive or a sports minded person that needs to perform at their peak. Gotein™ helps refuel the body and improves lean muscle mass while burning fat with our premium protein matrix.*

After the brouhaha that happened last week with the Newbies vs. Oldies crap, I was contacted by the makers of Gotein.  They were reading on Beth’s blog about all of the drama that happened, found the link to my blog, and decided to ask if I’d like to review their product.  Being all up for freebies, I quickly said yes (do I look stupid?) and thus I was given some samples to try.  Not paid to review, of course (unless you count free protein?) and nothing but my honest (heh, as if I could be anything but..) opinion was asked for.  Got it?  Good.  Moving on..

So it’s Monday.  I leave on a jet plane for Cali on Thursday to go to the OH So Cal event.  I’m not counting down the days, hours, minutes or anything to Thursday, 7:22 PM or anything.  Nope.  Nada.  I’m not looking forward to this adult-time (get your minds OUT OF THE GUTTER!  Remember, I’m with an almost 4-yo and 2 yo 24/7.. it grates..) at all.  Nope.  Not at all.

The kicker to my trip is the flight from ATL to LAX – 5hrs with NO food.  Um?  Hi?  I have a smaller than normal stomach, hypoglycemia?  I get hungry often, I feed often?  And that bag o peanuts?  Ain’t gonna cut it.  So what’s a freak to do?  Well, one could try a mad science experiment, making a protein shake in the confines of a tiny airplane seat, scaring (or impressing?) your seatmates.  Or could nosh on bad food and have a hypoglycemic crash.  Or starve and eat when you get in at 2:30AM body time.

Here comes Gotein, a stick of protein powder, making it convenient to bring with you anywhere.  All you need is a bottle of water.  If you’ve ever had the sticks of Crystal Light?  You’ve got this made.  But just in case?  I’ve done a step-by-step.  Because, you know, snarkiness is next to something else.

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Un... flavored?

High Protein Meal Replacement – 27 Grams Protein!

The Bariatric Advantage High Protein Meal Replacement comes in an economic 35-serving Bag with a measured scoop to make accurate dispensing easy. Each 150 to 160 calorie serving provides a full 27 grams of protein, with only 7 grams of carbohydrate (of which 5 grams are fiber, and only 1 gram is sugar) and a half gram of fat. They are also lactose-free to best meet the needs of weight loss surgery patients. One hundred percent of the protein is from a high quality whey protein isolate (There is no soy protein, only a small amount of soy lecithin to mask aftertaste). Fortified with between 15 and 50 percent of the DV for 23 essential vitamins and minerals, this product makes a perfect pre-operative weight loss shake or post-operative meal replacement for bariatric surgery patients. Our meal replacement also comes in a great variety of flavors (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana) as well and an unflavored shake that can be mixed with soup, yogurt, fruit or home-purchased flavorings.

I posted before that I went to a WLS Meet and Greet in Savannah last weekend.  I won one of the door prizes, which happened to be a basket of goodies from Bariatric Advantage.  It included a few of their meal replacement shakes, as well as a bag of their new raspberry calcium bites.  In fact, they don’t even know I have their product, so they cannot know that I’m doing a review.  Got it, good.  Kthanxbai.  Oh, wait.  Review first.

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All the Whey – Unflavored Whey Isolate

On April 12, 2010, in Protein, Reviews, by Andrea

Looks. Um. Unflavored.

So I just reviewed the Mix1 anti-oxident drink dark-berry.  And while it’s got some protein in it?  I really should have some more.  So I decided to go ahead and review this packet of unflavored whey isolate I got from All the Whey at the same time.  For the record, I did the Mix1 review first without adding the packet of whey isolate so my review there was untainted.  I then put a bit of the mix1 in a cup, put the rest in a shaker cup and chunked this packet in the shaker cup and gave it a good shake.

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Nectar – Strawberry Mousse

On March 31, 2010, in Protein, Reviews, by Andrea

Strawberry Mousse

Welcome to the critically acclaimed world of Nectar™!  Gone are the days of low quality whey protein.  Gone are the days of those blah-tasting protein drinks that promise much but deliver little.  Nectar™, once-and-for-all, breaks the mold by combining Promina™, the highest quality Whey Protein Isolate ever developed, with a flavoring system that is so fruitilicious that you will never drink a different whey protein shake ever again.
If you like the refreshing taste of fruit juice, you’ll love Nectar™!  With its mouthwatering fruit juice flavors, Nectar™ is truly a protein drink you will look forward to drinking each and every day.  Whether it be Apple Ecstasy, Twisted Cherry, Caribbean Cooler, Strawberry Kiwi, Fuzzy Navel, Roadside Lemonade, Crystal Sky or Lemon Tea, Nectar™ will keep you coming back for more.
What’s more?  Well, we did something totally amazing by engineering Nectar™ to be so delicious that you can eat it right out of the container.  Imagine putting a protein powder in your mouth and it tasting like candy.  Imagine this protein powder having ZERO carbs and ZERO fat.  Stop imagining!  We’ve brought you Nectar™!

Next up in my bag o samples is Strawberry Mousse.  I’m going into this hoping for the best because I like a good strawberry drink.  But let’s face it — strawberry is hard to do sometimes.

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Click off Spring Fever!

On March 30, 2010, in Protein, by Andrea

Click Pack

Well, it’s here — Vanilla Latte Click!

To help celebrate, I have a Click Pack to give away.  It includes what’s pictured above — a canister of Vanilla Latte Click (which has 14 2-scoop servings) and a Click Blender Ball cup.  (Which is remarkably similar to the ones pictured in all of my reviews… o_O)

To enter, all you have to do is make a comment below with a post you’d like to see me do.  That’s it.  I’ll pick a winner on Tuesday, 4/6 at 9pm EDT using a random number generator.

Good luck!

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