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Caramel Latte sample

Caramel Latte is an iced coffee shop frappe’ with a splash of buttery caramel.  Served warm or cold, it’s delicious. Blend with hot coffee for a latte!

  • Mixes instantly and completely with a spoon
  • Zero sugar & zero fat
  • Created to blend with just four ounces of water

We know what qualities it takes to make the perfect protein, and we’re proud to bring you Inspire Pure Whey Isolate Protein Drink. Inspire is a thin, smooth, small-volume protein drink offering excellent taste & convenience. We use 100% pure whey isolate as it offers a clean unflavored background for luscious espresso, coffee, & premium flavorings.

How to blend: Place one scoop of protein isolate in a dry shaker cup or glass; add four ounces (1/2 cup) of cold water and gently shake or blend with a spoon. Add ice if desired. You many use more or less water to your taste.

Now, I want to put this out there bright and early — I drink strong coffee.  As in, I order my coffee by the SHOT.  When I have a migraine, my husband will go to Starbuxx and order me a 6-shot, 6-splenda venti skinny vanilla latte — and the baristas will look at him as if he is insane and ask him if he’s certain?  A normal drink is a quad (4-shot) 4-splenda venti skinny vanilla latte.  I <3 strong coffee.  (And no, it doesn’t cause ulcers, dehydrate me, or anything else horrible.)

So anything that hints of a coffee flavor? Must. Be. Tasted.

Enter BE’s Caramel Latte.

Powder has the smell of caramel — not a hint of coffee to me at all.  Mix it up in the suggested 4oz of cold water — and it mixes very cleanly.

The huge difference I see with this powder is that it foams.  A lot.  Quite a bit more than any of the other powders I’ve used from BE.


Foam cap?

Now, I wonder if the foam is somewhat intentional — given this is a “latte”?  In any case — there is a great deal of foam on the top of this drink whereas there hasn’t been a ton on any of the others I’ve tried.

The taste has NO coffee to me at all.  None.  Nadda.  Zip.  It’s very sweet — overly even to my Splenda-Whore tastes.  I mean — I go to a restaurant and clean out the Splenda caddy with my unsweet tea Spenda-whore tastes.  I think this is too sweet.  But while it is too sweet?  It’s also too watery.  The sweetness doesn’t cover-up the fact that the flavor is watery or the fact that there is no coffee flavoring whatsoever.

What I’d use this for?  A caramel flavoring IN my coffee.  It would be a perfect caramel syrup in my coffee that would ad a “creamy” texture and protein at the same time.  But it is not coffee at all.  So if you like caramel, but hate coffee — this is good for you.

It’s thin like the other BE Inspire drinks.  It is an easy way to get 30g of protein down — I can get 4oz of anything down, especially when it’s something I have to do for my health (and don’t get complacent — protein is required for your health!).  It’s good to supplement around food choices for those of us further out — but in of itself, it would not keep me satiated for a long period of time.  Heck, I’m starting to get hungry again and I only finished it about 10 minutes ago.  Time for something else to go down there with it.


If I had bought a bag of this, I would use it as a coffee flavoring / creamer for my coffee.  I think it has a sweet taste, it has a caramel flavoring, but I think 4oz is too much water for it, and I certainly do not think it is coffee-flavored by any stretch of the imagination.

Available at BariatricEating.
14 scoops for $19.99, 34 scoops for $35.99

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