“Bypass Gone Bad?” Seriously RR?

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Rachel Ray is sinking further and further down in my books.

While I understand trying to make ratings, there’s a point in which we should not sacrifice someone’s feelings for the sake of ratings.  Especially in the form of this type of show.  I mean, isn’t that what Survivor and Dancing With the Stars are for?

Admittedly, I only read the show synopsis and watched the snippet posted here, but it left a bad taste in my mouth.

Perhaps because I’ve been there, done that, and still refuse to throw away my 3x shirts in case I’m there again?

While I think RR did well to give a gym membership (maybe, I’m still conflicted.. a bit condescending, but maybe good?) and got some psychological help (I don’t know — was this person qualified to deal with Bariatrics like Dr. Connie Stapleton is?) for this poor lady being paraded as a failure on daytime television, I still feel it was too much spectacle with too little compassion.

Tracey, if you happen to see this?  Please know that you are NOT alone at all.  We’re here, and some of us are LOUD AS HELL about this sort of thing.  If you want some support, shoot me a line, privately if you want, and we’ll get you whatever you need.

*grumble grumble*

First we need to fix the bariatric world.  Then we can tackle the rest of the world.  Agreed?

Not Easy.

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For years, many of my brothers and sisters in the weight loss surgical world have kept quiet about their surgeries because they get flak and criticism about WLS being the “easy way out.”

And let’s face it — there’s been a healthy dose of Dr. Oz, and Oprah, Dr. Phil and many, many other pundits that continue to drive home the need for “balanced portions” and how surgery is “risky” and at worst “deadly.”  Seeing posts such as this one from a Yahoo message board is just the an inkling:

User Post: Jealous of Gastric Bypass

by dino, on Fri May 21, 2010 11:50am PDT

Yes, you heard me!  I am jealous of my friend who had gastric bypass last Friday morning at 11 a.m., when I spoke to her on Tuesday night she was down 30lbs!  30lbs!!!!!!!! DID YOU HEAR ME?  That is more than half of what I want to lose!!

Ok, so let’s put this in perspective, I don’t want the surgery – nor do I think it should be an option for anyone EVER!  But people are doing it,  I know of two ladies who I had not seen in two or three years and had no clue who they were when they approached me after losing over 100lbs each.  Now I will watch my good friend waste away, literally starving herself to nothing!

She told me on the phone “you give up alot, they warned me, but I had no idea” and I understand, no food, barely able to drink anything her stomach is now so small.  More surgery later to deal with the inescapable sagging skin from the rapid weight loss – but to me it still just seems the easy way out.

I work so hard, watching my diet, getting up an hour earlier to exercise before my girls get up, walking the dogs an extra 30 minutes each night AARRRGGGGHHHHH!  As I set here typing my shoulders and back are sore from the plank and push ups – but it will be worth it in the end.  To accomplish something, maintain, be healthier, in better shape and feel good!  I can’t wait!

Oh and I do get to splurge when I want, she doesn’t………….hmmmmmmmmm maybe I’m not so jealous after all!  :)

What do you think of the weight loss surgeries?  Gastric Bypass?  Lap Band?  Do you feel the way I do, that they are the easy way out and that those who have them actually learn nothing?  Or do you feel they are a medicall necessity?

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The family

I’m going to talk about a dirty topic in the WLS world – regain.

It’s something that no one ever wants to think about, but inevitably, it comes up.  And it’s generally discussed with hushed tones, malice, pointed fingers, disdain, snickers (and not the good kind with peanuts, either), and of late?  Discussions of suicide.


Yeah.  That caught me, too.

But it was mentioned at the SoCal event by Yvonne McCarthy (Bariatric Girl) that she gets letters from WLSers that have regained 10-30lbs that are now suicidal and don’t know where to go.  And that we need to deal with this.

And then there was the whole Newbies vs. Oldies brawl a few weeks back in which some newbies tried to go after Beth because how could someone possibly regain when one can’t tolerate sugar and with only an ounce-sized stomach?

So let’s put this out here, and make it really, well, gritty.  It’s long, so sit down with some coffee, and, well..

I’ve been there.  I’ve done that.  And yeah?  I’ve kept the big, fat tee-shirts that go along with it.  A few times now.

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