Proferrin Science Experiment

On June 2, 2010, in Minerals, Reviews, by Andrea

Highly scientific experiment.

It’s time for yet another installment of “Andrea’s Scientific Experiment” where I test various supplements in the crappy water known as the Municipal Water of Wilson, NC.

Actually, it’s a good test considering it’s pretty alkaline, so if it can dissolve in my water?  Then it should have no problem dissolving in our guts.

This is Proferrin, what I believe is miracle iron.  This stuff has done wonders for my iron count.  You can read about the results from my iron experiment here if you’re interested.

Vitalady had been told by the manufacturer that we would need to break the tablets apart due to the coating on them.  I always have without questioning it, but have decided to test it just out of curiosity.  I know what my results are, so I’m not worried about the absorbability of the product, but am curious if the extra step is really necessary.

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The culpri.. err. product.

I’m going to tell you something shocking.

Are you ready for it?

I was not born with an innate sense of vitamin knowledge.

I’ll wait for you to recover for a moment.

There was a time when I was a complete moron when it came to vitamins, and I just bought things willy-nilly.

You’ve heard about my foray (after being told to, of course, by my surgeon) with Tums, Flintstones, and Optisource.  And the consequences it wreaked with my bones and iron stores.

You’d think this would have been enough.  Well, sorta.  It taught me that I needed more vitamins, but it still didn’t quite kick it all the way home.

This is one of those instances.

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Food Police, pt 2

On April 13, 2010, in Reviews, by Andrea

There it is.

Okay.  So I took double meds so I could try this sucker — partly just to piss off the Food Police, and partly because I wanted to see if it lived up to the hype.

It did not.

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Nectar – Pink Grapefruit

On March 17, 2010, in Protein, Reviews, by Andrea

Pink Grapefruit -- Mmm.

Welcome to the critically acclaimed world of Nectar™!  Gone are the days of low quality whey protein.  Gone are the days of those blah-tasting protein drinks that promise much but deliver little.  Nectar™, once-and-for-all, breaks the mold by combining Promina™, the highest quality Whey Protein Isolate ever developed, with a flavoring system that is so fruitilicious that you will never drink a different whey protein shake ever again.
If you like the refreshing taste of fruit juice, you’ll love Nectar™!  With its mouthwatering fruit juice flavors, Nectar™ is truly a protein drink you will look forward to drinking each and every day.  Whether it be Apple Ecstasy, Twisted Cherry, Caribbean Cooler, Strawberry Kiwi, Fuzzy Navel, Roadside Lemonade, Crystal Sky or Lemon Tea, Nectar™ will keep you coming back for more.
What’s more?  Well, we did something totally amazing by engineering Nectar™ to be so delicious that you can eat it right out of the container.  Imagine putting a protein powder in your mouth and it tasting like candy.  Imagine this protein powder having ZERO carbs and ZERO fat.  Stop imagining!  We’ve brought you Nectar™!

So sample number two is Pink Grapefruit.  I liked the Roadside Lemonade pretty well, so why not keep up with the sours?  And looking online, this appears to be a fairly new flavor as even Netrition doesn’t have it.

Holy Foam. AGAIN!

And just like the Roadside Lemonade, there is MASSIVE foaming when I shake it up.  I’m used to a fair amount of foam.. foam is to be expected somewhat — but this?  This seems a bit excessive.

So I set it aside for 5 minutes –

5-minutes later..

So the flavor is pretty good.  It’s not quite as good as the Roadside Lemonade IMHO, but it’s not bad at all.  It has a bite on first taste, but then the flavor seems to wash out — and I mixed it with 8oz of water, which is the lowest amount of suggested by the company (8-16oz).  I wish the flavor lasted throughout the sip, but it just doesn’t.  It goes away within a few seconds.  But then you take another sip and you forget about the watery-ness for a second or two.  And it’s all good again.

I do get a bit of protein-ness on my lips with this one that I didn’t notice with the Lemonade — but it’s not horrible at all.  I’ve had horrible — this isn’t that.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size  1 SCOOP
Servings Per Container   36
Amount Per
% Daily
60 Mg
160 Mg
23 Gm

* Daily value not established

Other Ingredients:
Whey Protein Isolate (milk)*, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Soy Lecithin, Acesulfame-K, Sucralose, FD&C Red#40, FD&C Yellow#5.
*Promina(TM) brand; ultrafiltered and undenatured; includes Beta Lactoglobulin, Alpha Lactoalbumin, Glycomacropeptides, Innunoglobulin, B.S. Albumin, Portease Peptone, Lactoferrin, Lactoperoxidase.

I REALLY like this flavor.  It mixes smoothly without any crap left at the bottom of the cup, no clumps in the cup.  Really, if a bit of foam is the only thing that is a problem, then I’d say they’ve made a good product.  And look at those stats?  Wowsa.

You can get the sample pack from SI03 by calling 1-866-333-7403.  10 samples for $9.99 including shipping — very much worth the price.

Oikos Chocolate Pleasure

On March 16, 2010, in Protein, Reviews, by Andrea

Chocolate Pleasure? Really?

Sometimes you just need chocolate. This yogurt has it all – high protein, no fat, organic purity but creamy, delicious and decadent. Your chocolate fix has never been so good for you. Stinygiasou (to your health) – Gary

So I had heard about this stuff but not seen it in my grocery store.  People wondered if it would be a good snack.  Given the amount of sugars, I’m guessing they hadn’t really seen it, either.  But we’ll get to that down the road.  When it hit my grocery store, I decided to pick up a 4-pack because I’m looking for alternatives to Cadburry eggs, despite the fact this might be higher in sugar than I really want to have for a *health food* but it could be worse.

And then tonight, I read a negative review on it and so I had to try it.  I mean, that’s just ample opportunity in my mind.


The chocolate is on the bottom so you have to stir it.  On the top is pretty standard Greek yogurt.  The bottom looks like thick pudding.

First taste is kinda what I expected — chocolatey-flavored sour cream.  Not terribly wonderful in of itself.  But having had tons of Greek yogurt in the past, I know what to do.

Why yes, I AM a Splenda whore..

All I needed to add was one Splenda to make this taste good.  And yeah, it tastes pretty good.

But let’s look at stats:

chocolate – Oikos organic – Greek yogurt

Serving Size 1 container
Amount Per Serving 113g
Calories 110
Calories from
Fat 5 %                       Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g                  0%
Trans Fat 0g                 0%
Sat Fat 0g 0%
Cholesterol 0mg        0%
Sodium 55mg               2%
Potassium 140mg      4%
Total Carbohydrate 17g  6%
Dietary Fiber less than 1g  4%
Sugars 16g
Protein 10g                    20%
Vitamin 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 10%
Iron 2%*
Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


It’s a little high in sugars for just 4oz — and if you are an easy dumper, this might just be all it takes with the combo of lactose and actual SUGAR.

But if you don’t dump and you’re looking for a chocolate fix and it’s between this and a snickers — THIS at least has protein, fewer calories, and no fat.  So if you’re going to be bad, this is a better choice.

Keep in mind that for a mature pouch?  4oz is a drop in the bucket.  So I’m off to find something more filling.

Available at grocery stores.  I think I paid $4.39 plus tax for 4 4oz servings.

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