Nectar – Roadside Lemonade

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Roadside Lemonade

Welcome to the critically acclaimed world of Nectar™!  Gone are the days of low quality whey protein.  Gone are the days of those blah-tasting protein drinks that promise much but deliver little.  Nectar™, once-and-for-all, breaks the mold by combining Promina™, the highest quality Whey Protein Isolate ever developed, with a flavoring system that is so fruitilicious that you will never drink a different whey protein shake ever again.
If you like the refreshing taste of fruit juice, you’ll love Nectar™!  With its mouthwatering fruit juice flavors, Nectar™ is truly a protein drink you will look forward to drinking each and every day.  Whether it be Apple Ecstasy, Twisted Cherry, Caribbean Cooler, Strawberry Kiwi, Fuzzy Navel, Roadside Lemonade, Crystal Sky or Lemon Tea, Nectar™ will keep you coming back for more.
What’s more?  Well, we did something totally amazing by engineering Nectar™ to be so delicious that you can eat it right out of the container.  Imagine putting a protein powder in your mouth and it tasting like candy.  Imagine this protein powder having ZERO carbs and ZERO fat.  Stop imagining!  We’ve brought you Nectar™!

Holy Foam, Batman!

I heard about the samples that Syntrax was doing.  You can contact them and get 10 samples of their Nectar for just $10 (which includes the shipping) and I think this is a great deal.  And so I did.

I picked Lemonade for the stupidest reason.  I read some junk science report that said that because RNY patients are more likely to get kidney stones post-op, we should drink lemonade.  Which is stupid because if someone actually, you know, reads the article, it discusses that the problem is calcium carbonate, and well, we know that calcium citrate helps this (as well as actually absorbing in RNY guts where carbonate doesn’t).

So in it goes.  And the very first thing I notice is the absolute massive amount of foam in this shaker cup.  I mean, massive.  I let it sit for 5 minutes.

Wow. Foam.

And there we have it, still foamy all to hell.

So I went with it.

It’s a bit thicker than normal lemonade, but it’s the same taste as regular lemonade.  AND IT’S GOOD.

I don’t feel any dryness on my lips after a sip, and no drying in my mouth.

Nutritional information via

Syntrax Nectar Roadside Lemonade 2#
Nutrition Facts
Serving size: 1 Level Scoop (27g)
Servings per container: 36
Amt per serving (in water)
Calories: Total
From Fat
DV %*
Total Fat:
g 0%
Saturated Fat
Trans Fat
Total Carbohydrates:
Dietary fiber
g 46%
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Total Fat
Less Than
Sat Fat
Less Than
Less Than
Less Than
Total Carbohydrate
Dietary fiber
Calories per gram:
Fat 9      *      Carbohydrate 4      *      Protein 4
Whey Protein Isolate*, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, soy lecithin, acesulfame-K, sucralose, gardenia extract powder.
* Promina™ brand; ultrafiltered and undenatured; includes Beta Lactoglobulin, Alpha Lactoalbumin, Glycomacropeptides, immunoglobulin, B.S. Albumin, Protease Peptone, Lactoferrin, Lactoperoxidase.
This product is packed by weight, not volume. Some settling may have occurred during transportation. Keep out of direct sunlight and store in a cool, dark place.
Important Amino Acids Per 100 Grams Of Protein
Arginine *
Methionone –
Glutamine *
Phenylalanine –
Histidine -
Threonine -
Isoleucine +-
Leucine +-
Valine +-
Lysine –
- Essential Amino Acids
+ Branched Chain Amino Acids
* Important Non-essential Amino Acids

I like it.  It’s good, only 90 calories for 23g of protein, it’s whey isolate and this tastes good.

You can get the sample pack from SI03 by calling 1-866-333-7403; a larger 30gish sample can be purchased for 1.99 from Vitalady.

Julian Bakery – Smart Low Carb Bread

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Low Carb Bread?

*Rated Best Low Carb Bread of 2010**

We ship our low carb bread nationwide and also offer our bread in local stores listed below. All of our grains are fresh ground daily. We use whole grain in this unique low carb formula to make a complete protein LOW CARB BREAD. We bake our bread fresh and then ship it to your door. If your on a low carb diet or looking to maintain or lose weight then this bread is ideal for you as it only has 1 Net Carb per slice.

There is no other bread like it on the market. This low carb bread is simply perfect for taking in the proper amount of daily fiber and protein with 12g of protein per slice and 12g of fiber. The bread has a net 1 carb which allows you to be carb conscious on a low carb diet. This bread has sprouted organic grains increasing the fiber and moisture of the bread and making it easy to digest.

So I saw this bread mentioned online and wondered if it would be too good to be true.  I looked at their website — and also noticed that they carried some specialty breads that are soy-free.  Now, I know that soy-free bread sounds kinda “duh”?  But really — if you have a loaf of bread in your house, go look at the ingredients right now.  No, really.  Go look.  I’ll bet you a Flintstones vitamin that it has soy in it.  Cause they all do unless you buy specialty bread.  And my kids?  Well I wouldn’t say they have an allergy because they won’t end up in the hospital if they eat soy or milk.  They have an intolerance.  One we try to avoid.

So I made an order in hopes that it wouldn’t suck.

And it came in — it looked soooo good.

And then.. my life exploded.  EGDs, CTs, etc.

But when I felt adventurous, I decided to give this stuff a whirl.  And .. wow.

Evening Snack for one..

I have to say — I like it.  This is good stuff.  This is not a white bread by any stretch of the imagination — so get that out of your head.  This can most likened to a heavy wheat bread that still has all the oats still in it.  Every once in awhile you’ll get a seed in a bite — but it’s very pleasant.  It’s got a nice flavor that even my kids like (although THIS variety is not soy-free, so they only stole small pieces and do not get to have much of it) and if a 2 year old will eat it — well, it’s not horrible.

What I really like about this stuff?  I’m a bread WHORE.  I love it.  I need it.  It sets off all sorts of bells and whistles in me — and I crave it.  We go out to eat and the baskets of bread beckon to me like sirens in the sea.  This is LEGAL BREAD my friends.  Totally legal.  And get this — it’ll help that problem your calcium and iron cause go down the drain.

Nutrition Facts:

*Organically Grown

Serving Size: 1 Slice
Servings Per Loaf: Approximately 14
Amount Per Serving:
Calories: 109 Calories from Fat: 9
% Daily Value**
Total Fat: 1g 2%
Saturated Fat: 0g 0%
Cholesterol: 0mg 0%
Sodium: 140mg 2%
Total Carbohydrate: 13g 7%
Dietary Fiber: 12g 48%
Net Carbs: 1g
Sugars: 0g
Protein: 12g
Vitamin A: 0% Vitamin C: 0%
Iron 7% – Calcium 4% – Thiamin 8%
**Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000-calorie a day diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Smart Carb No. 1


Sprouted Whole grains of *kamut®, *spelt, *wheat, *rye, *millet, lentils, lots of eggs, Organic Non-GMO soy milk protein, flax, sesame, *quinoa, *amaranth, wheat gluten, 7 grain flakes, oat bran, sea salt & yeast.

Note: Diabetics should take readings before and after eating this bread as we have found some diabetics are more sensitive to this bread than others despite our bread having one net carb. We do have thousands of diabetics who eat this bread that have Type I and Type II diabetes. To read a review from a Type 2 Diabetic Customer Click Here

Did you see those stats?  12g protein, 13g carbs with 12 being fiber?  1 net carb folks.  1!  For BREAD.  And it doesn’t taste like ass or a cardboard box!

It does have a catch — and of course you knew there would be one.  It’s $7.99 a loaf, with a loaf being about 14 slices, plus shipping.   Now, if you compare this to an average loaf of bread, this would be expensive.  However, if you view it as a protein source (and, at 12g per SLICE, it is) then it’s cheaper than many protein shakes.

The shipping can kill you if you only get one loaf at a time.  The key would be to stock up and freeze a bunch, thus saving shipping if you don’t live locally.  But this?  This kills my “OMGIWANTBREAD!” craving and would help keep me from noshing on bagels.  To me, that’s worth a bit of extra planning and some extra money.

And yes, I will be buying more.  Just as soon as I figure out which of the soy-free breads my kids like the best..

Available from Julian Bakery, $7.99 per loaf

Inspire – Caramel Latte

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Caramel Latte sample

Caramel Latte is an iced coffee shop frappe’ with a splash of buttery caramel.  Served warm or cold, it’s delicious. Blend with hot coffee for a latte!

  • Mixes instantly and completely with a spoon
  • Zero sugar & zero fat
  • Created to blend with just four ounces of water

We know what qualities it takes to make the perfect protein, and we’re proud to bring you Inspire Pure Whey Isolate Protein Drink. Inspire is a thin, smooth, small-volume protein drink offering excellent taste & convenience. We use 100% pure whey isolate as it offers a clean unflavored background for luscious espresso, coffee, & premium flavorings.

How to blend: Place one scoop of protein isolate in a dry shaker cup or glass; add four ounces (1/2 cup) of cold water and gently shake or blend with a spoon. Add ice if desired. You many use more or less water to your taste.

Now, I want to put this out there bright and early — I drink strong coffee.  As in, I order my coffee by the SHOT.  When I have a migraine, my husband will go to Starbuxx and order me a 6-shot, 6-splenda venti skinny vanilla latte — and the baristas will look at him as if he is insane and ask him if he’s certain?  A normal drink is a quad (4-shot) 4-splenda venti skinny vanilla latte.  I <3 strong coffee.  (And no, it doesn’t cause ulcers, dehydrate me, or anything else horrible.)

So anything that hints of a coffee flavor? Must. Be. Tasted.

Enter BE’s Caramel Latte.

Powder has the smell of caramel — not a hint of coffee to me at all.  Mix it up in the suggested 4oz of cold water — and it mixes very cleanly.

The huge difference I see with this powder is that it foams.  A lot.  Quite a bit more than any of the other powders I’ve used from BE.


Foam cap?

Now, I wonder if the foam is somewhat intentional — given this is a “latte”?  In any case — there is a great deal of foam on the top of this drink whereas there hasn’t been a ton on any of the others I’ve tried.

The taste has NO coffee to me at all.  None.  Nadda.  Zip.  It’s very sweet — overly even to my Splenda-Whore tastes.  I mean — I go to a restaurant and clean out the Splenda caddy with my unsweet tea Spenda-whore tastes.  I think this is too sweet.  But while it is too sweet?  It’s also too watery.  The sweetness doesn’t cover-up the fact that the flavor is watery or the fact that there is no coffee flavoring whatsoever.

What I’d use this for?  A caramel flavoring IN my coffee.  It would be a perfect caramel syrup in my coffee that would ad a “creamy” texture and protein at the same time.  But it is not coffee at all.  So if you like caramel, but hate coffee — this is good for you.

It’s thin like the other BE Inspire drinks.  It is an easy way to get 30g of protein down — I can get 4oz of anything down, especially when it’s something I have to do for my health (and don’t get complacent — protein is required for your health!).  It’s good to supplement around food choices for those of us further out — but in of itself, it would not keep me satiated for a long period of time.  Heck, I’m starting to get hungry again and I only finished it about 10 minutes ago.  Time for something else to go down there with it.


If I had bought a bag of this, I would use it as a coffee flavoring / creamer for my coffee.  I think it has a sweet taste, it has a caramel flavoring, but I think 4oz is too much water for it, and I certainly do not think it is coffee-flavored by any stretch of the imagination.

Available at BariatricEating.
14 scoops for $19.99, 34 scoops for $35.99

Isopure Smoothie – Orange Peach

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First off — my apologies.  My computer is on the fritz and I can’t give you “Andrea” pictures.  I have to go with stock photos because I’m running in safe mode.  I need to flatten the computer, reload the operating system, and just start over from scratch.  But I’ve been too stubborn to do it and it’s cramping my productivity.  Seriously.  I just need to do it.  So sorry for the stock photos rather than the ones that I take to prove that I actually, you know, drank this and tasted it.

Peach Orange

Isopure Smoothie is made with 100% Pure Whey Protein Isolate. It comes in delicious yogurt like flavors and is lactose and aspartame free. Isopure Smoothie is a rich source of ALA Omega 3 (260mg)and contains more than 7400mg of BCAA’s.

I ordered a case from a company.  I ordered a case because, at the time, I didn’t have a choice.  If I wanted to taste these, I could order a case, or order none.  Well, I could order a single from another company and pay something like $7 for S&H making the drink cost me $13 so it seemed somewhat silly to do that for a single protein drink.  So since I was buying some things from this company anyway, I bought a case of 12 to try.

I mention this because the very next day – and I mean the absolute very next day?  They came out with a single serving option that I would have appreciated.

When I first opened it, it smells good.  A gentle whiff of peach.  Not overbearing whatsoever.  Nice.

First taste is great.  The second taste is great, too.

But then it hit –

The texture.

This is a BEAUTIFULLY, WONDERFULLY, GREAT flavored bottle of liquid chalk.

I mean it.  I love the flavor.  Completely lurve the flavor.  But the texture — it is *just* like liquid chalk.  It’s not gritty.  It’s just dry and … leaves you saying .. wow that’s chalky.

I mean it.  If it weren’t chalky I’d love it.  I LOVE the flavor.  Completely.  Absolutely.  I just don’t like the texture.

Amount Per Serving:
Calories 210
Total Fat 2.5g 4%
Saturated Fat 0 0%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 5mg 2%
Sodium 125mg 5%
Total Carbohydrate 16g 5%
Dietary Fiber 3g 12%
Sugars 9g
Protein 32g 64%

Ingredients: Filtered water, whey (milk) protein isolate, strawberry puree concentrate, pomegranate juice concentrate, raspberry puree concentrate, non dairy creamer (sunflower oil, maltodextrin, sodium caseinate, mono- and diglycerides, dipotassium phosphate, soy lecithin), phosphoric acid, milled flaxseed, pectin, citric acid, cellulose gel, sucrose, cellulose gum, natural and artificial flavors, fish oil, sucralose, FD&C Red 40.

Directions: Shake well. Refrigerate after opening. Aspartame free.

If you can get past the texture, this is a wonderful protein.  It’s a large quantity for a newly post-op patient, but for those of a more mature patient it’s pretty good.  The sugars that are in it are from fruit sugars, so if you are sensitive to those you should be cautious.  But many of us have no issues with those types of sugars.

Seriously — this is worth a try if you get an opportunity to try one without buying an entire case at a time.  It does come in different flavors — I’m not sure if the others are the same way -0- I’d be interested in tasting them to find out.  I LOVE the flavor, but the texture is what gets me.

Price: about $3.50-$5.00 each depending where you get them and how many at a time you get

Where: all over the net

Rating: WONDERFUL flavor, where’s a chalkboard?

Mickey Burgers – Toddler Fail, Bari Mama Win

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It's beef, I promise!

It's beef, I promise!

I’ve been called a number of things — some of which are not even polite in mixed company — but first and foremost I am a mom of two.  Two picky little vikings.  And yeah, childhood obesity, especially given how I started out, how I needed my guts rearranged to help “cure” my obesity (and I use the term “cure” loosely as I will always be a fatty for life, even if I don’t appear to be one) will always be a hot button topic for me.  I worry about what goes into my kids’ bellies, what they eat and drink — and what they don’t eat and drink.

So finding something that is healthy that they won’t eat is distressing for me.  As it is any health-conscious parent.

Last night, I was doing some quick shopping at Target when I stumbled upon these Mickey Mouse shaped burgers.  A quick (and I mean millisecond) glance at the stats made them look healthy enough to throw into the cart and away I went.  I mean, I was in shorts in 50 degree weather after my gym run.  I was cold and ready for a shower.

Well.  The kids said no.  In fact, Daniel threw not only his, but Kaitlin’s across the kitchen while I bathed the dog-from-hell.  So what do I do?  I heat one up (not one from the floor.. nonono.. those went to the dogs) and try one to see if they were hideous.

And no, they weren’t.  And neither were the stats.  In fact, they have GOOD stats — and are pretty good sized for an early post-op stomach — if you can get past the fact that you are eating Mickey Mouse.  I expected it to be a bit dry, but only the edges were.  If I had wrapped it in a wet paper towel, I probably wouldn’t have had this problem.

1 patty is 150 calories, 8g fat (3g sat), 40mg cholesterol, 250mg sodium, 0g carb, 19g protein.

The patties are pre-cooked and flash-frozen, so all you have to do is pull one out of the bag, throw onto a plate, and nuke for 2 minutes.  Now, as a busy mom who frequently neglects self-meals (cause I can’t eat what the kids are eating all of the time), this is what I like — something I can throw in the microwave and fix very quickly so I have no excuse not to eat.  Almost as easy as an RTD shake, but cheaper, and well, food.  Take to the office for a protein snack if you have a freezer and microwave on site.  Easy to fix, easy to clean up (especially if you use paper plates), and it’s real food.

Bag of 6 patties cost $5.99 at Target in the freezer section.

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