Proferrin Science Experiment

On June 2, 2010, in Minerals, Reviews, by Andrea

Highly scientific experiment.

It’s time for yet another installment of “Andrea’s Scientific Experiment” where I test various supplements in the crappy water known as the Municipal Water of Wilson, NC.

Actually, it’s a good test considering it’s pretty alkaline, so if it can dissolve in my water?  Then it should have no problem dissolving in our guts.

This is Proferrin, what I believe is miracle iron.  This stuff has done wonders for my iron count.  You can read about the results from my iron experiment here if you’re interested.

Vitalady had been told by the manufacturer that we would need to break the tablets apart due to the coating on them.  I always have without questioning it, but have decided to test it just out of curiosity.  I know what my results are, so I’m not worried about the absorbability of the product, but am curious if the extra step is really necessary.

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