CorOmega: Review and Test

On June 4, 2011, in Reviews, Tests, by Andrea

For a long time, I’ve been recommending CorOmega somewhat blindly — based on recommendations from others and blood tests of other bypassers showing great results using the product, but without actually trying it.

While in Vegas, I had the opportunity to speak to the CorOmega rep, try all of the flavors (one of while is missing from the above photo — sorry!), and arrange a special blood testing for myself to kind of get an idea how these affect bypassers. More about that later.

Coromega says:

Welcome to Coromega!  We believe Omega-3 is essential to good health and that’s why we developed the first delicious Omega3 in a convenient, single-serve Squeeze. Coromega is not a pill!  Our Omega3 Squeeze is a tasty burst of goodness with 2 essential fatty acids, DHA and EPA, and a clinically proven 300% better absorption than regular softgels. Bioavailability Study. The best part? Coromega is a supplement that is actually delicious!

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Reading Labwork

On January 16, 2011, in Tests, by Andrea

I’m not sure if I’ve ever actually posted a copy of my labwork and how to read it, nor how to determine what should be done in terms of supplements.

Let’s rectify that now.

Keep in mind that while my doc is good about ordering labs?  He’s still not perfect about ordering what I ask for.  This was one of my best requests, though.

These are some labs that were pulled on October 11th, 2010.  Included are the reference intervals for this particular labs, and marked as high/low if applicable.

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“Conventional” versus “Bariatric” Wisdom

On November 11, 2010, in Tests, by Andrea

So I recently had a blood draw done at my PCP.  And I really like my PCP because he’ll draw what I want and really not fuss too much about it.

This last time, I got a copy in the mail with no notations.  I’d already looked at it, noticed what needed to change, planned those modifications (ie my vitamin K needs to go up) and moved on.

While in Texas, apparently, I got another copy, this time with notations by my PCP, who, obviously means well but knows nothing about vitamins.  As a point, when I was bruising he told me to discontinue ALL vitamin K supplements as they would make my bruising worse.  Umm, hello?

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