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On April 14, 2010, in Uncategorized, by Andrea

I can't believe I'm putting this online...

So I’ve been doing some exercise of late.  Some walks around the neighborhood when the hubs gets home to get out of the house, clear my head, and really of late?  Get my mind off how much my life sucks and how much my gut hurts.  I know that I have as many excuses to just NOT, and even my parents are wondering if I’m overdoing it a bit, but this is my way of forgetting how much I really don’t like eating right now.  Cause I had some soft scrambled eggs and cheese last night — fine.  Then some soup?  And the knife reappeared and lasted throughout the night and is still there this morning.  So yeah.  Back to liquids only for me.  So this exercise thing?  Is the ONLY thing that is keeping me somewhat sane.

So in the process, I’ve been trying to move my ass a bit faster and pick up some speed.  And the question came up — when does a walk become a jog?  And @mcnee answered (and I’m paraphrasing here) that a jog is when both feet are off the ground at some point during the period.  Walking requires one foot to be on the ground at all times.  So last night, I actually paid attention to my stride.

Verdict?  I’m jogging.  I’m a painfully S L O W jogger.  But I’m jogging.

These are words I never thought my fat ass would ever say.  Andrea is jogging.  OMG, Andrea is actually jogging.  It’s time to tell the Runkeeper on my iPhone that I’m no longer walking, that I’m “running.”  (Although it’s a snail’s pace of 3.77 mph..)  I have to tell you — at 5+ years out, these NSV’s are harder and harder to come by.  That makes them all the more special.

And so the folks at thriv?  They’re gonna help me celebrate.

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