Vita4Life: Calcium

On May 20, 2011, in Minerals, Reviews, by Andrea

Vita4Life, as marketed by HELP

So a series of “bariatric” supplements are starting to hit the market again, this time marketed by HELP, or Healthy Everyday Life Products. They include supplements from Vita4Life, Protica collagen protein, and Shakeology amongst other things.

Vita4Life says:

The Best Calcium Supplement for Weight Loss Surgery Patients

Vita4Life! Calcium Malate Formula: Our calcium malate chelate formula is designed to meet the calcium supplementation needs of patients who have undergone all weight loss surgery procedures. We use only the highest quality ingredients in our calcium product. Calcium chelate has been proven to offer maximum absorption properties.

What is Calcium Malate Chelate?

Calcium malate chelate is calcium which has been combined with beneficial amino acids so that the calcium is more rapidly and efficiently absorbed by your body. Calcium malate chelate is not only absorbed more efficiently than other forms of calcium, including calcium citrate and calcium carbonate, but it is retained better in your body tissue such as bone and teeth.

Why did we switch from Calcium Citrate to a Chelated Calcium Malate?

Calcium malate chelate offers more superior absorption properties than calcium citrate. Additionally, chelation allows us to offer you your daily dosage in four capsules daily rather than six.

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