Celebrate Calcium Plus – Cherry Tart

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Celebrate says:

With a great tart cherry taste, smooth texture (no grit) and the most effective bone health formulation available in a bariatric supplement – what more can you ask for?

I had enough of these suckers (a whole bottle) to do a 30 day trial, and again I was shocked at the results.

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My week, in perspective.

I get asked quite often what I take.  I hesitate to put it down, line by line, only because I take things that are higher due to need for deficiency, or due to my headaches, or a few other idiosyncricies.  I also tend to not like to label what brands — simply because sometimes this could be seen as an endorsement when it’s not (I shop sales).

But because it does get asked so often, fine.  This is not the order I take them in, but rather the order I put them back in my container.  Hey, I want easy.

As of February 10th, 2010, I take:

  • 2 Members Mark (Centrum) multivites — after this bottle is gone (ha! 450 in a bottle) I have actual Centrums that I got on MASSIVE discount with good expiration dates
  • 5 Vitalady 140mg Tender Magnesium Citrate capsules — magnesium has been shown to help migraine sufferers in clinical trial; I’m actually about to up this another capsule or two; important to note that magnesium helps with calcium absorption, but if taking for migraines, not to take with calcium
  • 1 NatureMade 500mg Vitamin C — taken with the mag citrate to increase absorption
  • 4 Citracal 250mg calcium citrate, 200 IU D3 tablets & 4 Citracal 200mg calcium citrate, 200 IU D3 tablets — 1 of each x 4 servings gives me 1800mg of calcium a day; I buy Citracal because of coupons and the BOGO deals typical of this brand
  • 1 every other day Members Mark 1000mcg B12 — I over absorb b-vites for some reason; I also, for some reason absorb tablet B12.  Don’t try this at home.
  • 1 every other day NatureMade Liquid Softgel Super B-Complex – I over absorb b-vites and am off the chart
  • 1 400mcg CVS folic acid
  • 3 Proferrin ES heme iron — this I love and need and is the only iron that has worked for me in years
  • 4 Vitalady Tender D3-5 5,000 IU
  • 4 Solaray 100mg Vitamin B2 — Riboflavin of doses of 400mgs has been shown in clinical trials to treat migraines, actually thinking of upping this 200mgs to counter malabsorption
  • 1 GNC 2mg Copper
  • 1 NatureMade 30mg Zinc
  • 1 Vitalady 25,000 IU Tender A-25 Retinyl Palmitate
  • 1 Bio-Tech (Vitalady) 100mcg K1-100 (Phytonadione)

This isn’t a listing of what you SHOULD take by any stretch — only what I take.

Why no, my husband doesn’t hit me.

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I just bruise easily.

No, really, I do.  And have since surgery.

The latest.

Yeah, when you have to decide what you wear based on how your bruises will show, that’s not a good thing.

That one?  Have no clue how I got it.  That’s the same with 95% of all of my bruises.  And it came up this afternoon.  Want to know what we did today?  I slept off a headache with the kids.  No kidding.  I spent about 75% of the day curled up on the couch watching childrens’ television with one or both of them asleep with me… and for at least 3 hours of it, I was asleep as well.

At some point, I started the already loaded dishwasher, I fished a dead frog (RIP, Fwog.. I will miss you terribly) out of the new tank and fed the tank, took the dogs out to pee, and loaded the clothes washer.

THAT was my day — nothing bruise-worthy in sight.  Yet — that mark is what I got today.

And so yes, now the peanut gallery is saying “Andrea, have you had labs drawn?”

And I’m going to look at you for a moment until you remember to whom you are asking.

OF COURSE I had labs drawn!  My bleeding time is milliseconds slow.  As in “yes, it’s low, but not enough that you should get that kind of deep purple bruising by sleeping with kids on a couch” low.  In fact, one of the bleeding time tests was NORMAL.  Bzah?  Wha?  So as soon as my package from Vitalady gets here, of course I’ll be starting on some K.

Husband and I used to do martial arts.  We used to practice Aikido — the one where people wear these black skirt looking things and would throw each other around hard onto the mats.  We enjoyed it — it was wonderful, and peaceful.  It’s one of the truly defensive martial arts — and it’s one in which you use your enemies’ aggression and momentum against them — so you have to actually be thinking.

But I bruised.  Badly.

In the art, we would practice arm holds.  And some people would grab my forearms enough to really hurt.  Each night I’d go home and ice my forearms — and every day after, I’d be bruised.  At the time, I didn’t realize it was because I was taking crap vitamins at the behest of my surgeon, was in the rapid weight loss phase so in poor health anyway, etc.  But it was embarrassing, because people would tell me I needed to leave my abusive relationship.

And then, one night, husband hurt his neck with a throw and we ended up in the ER around 4am.  His neck, combined with my arms (that, being young and stupid, did not get covered up) got us counseled about abusive relationships.  They assumed he was hurting me, and I retaliated and that’s why he was in the ER — and of course, we were denying everything.

And now, I’m bruising.  Again.  And it’s bad.  Again.

So if you see me in long sleeves, don’t assume it’s cause my husband is beating on me — just ask me if I’m taking my vitamin K and iron.